JCP and UA leading the next bull market up!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by W4rl0ck, Aug 8, 2008.

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    Got ya.

    Have retailers ever lead off a sustainable bottom?
  2. Yet another person calling a bottom and forgetting about our problems
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    Retailers blasted off this week, bt aren't going to drive the economy since Americans have no credit or jobs. :(
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    Im glad you are joking, but it would be funny to see retailers pushing the next bull market.

    :p :p :p :p :p
  5. unemployment 5.7% not too bad, much better then rest of world. credit? last time i checked the issue was EVERYONE has credit, so if its more difficult to get now a) thats a good thing and B) e are comming off real high levels, so the credit is still there.

    retailers did come of real depressed levels, just like banks did 3 weeks ago, they are not going to "drive the economy" but comming off real depressed levels. retailers will actually have some same store growth since there comparisons will be easy to beat year over year
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    Did you check with EVERYONE?

    Get back to me after you've checked.



  7. ok, let me dumb it down for you.

    America (where you and i live) had an issue with sub prime loans. Sub prime loans are loans they gave to everyone even those people who could not afford it and had bad credit. Yes i am as shocked as you are. we also extended many many loans if it was credit card, HELOC, Car loans and Leases. In the last year credit has been more limited to people. If you like i will get out the whitepages and start calling people today

    I guess now i understand how you have 50+ post in 2 weeks, all your posts are just useless crap.
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    I thought you were already dumbed down. You mean you're going to dumb it down below your 80 IQ? Just have your mommy type something up for you.

    Now get out those white pages and start dialing ass hat, er, "Keith". :D

  9. My IQ is 56 to be exact. :p

    but thanks for proving my point. below

    I guess now i understand how you have 50+ post in 2 weeks, all your posts are just useless crap.