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  1. Current open trades:


    bink: STOP ME FROM CLOSING ALL MY TRADES! because my unrealized p/l is currently over 20% - my heart is pounding and I am sweating!
    bink: mutual fund managers would kill for 20%
    bink: or so I have heard
    jordan: ahh excellent example of detachment! :) :) :)
    jordan: yeah but this is JCL's
    bink: yes
  2. who is bink and who is jordan and what is jcl forex?...is this a demo account of micro lotS?
  3. JCL's Forex is JCL's Forex Trading Group lead by Jordan (JCL).

    This is a live account...(trading 9 years)


    jordan: guppy @ 121.....
    andy: crazy day...
    dug: what the heck happened to usd/jpy a couple hours ago
    andreas: got blasted
    : :) :) :)
    andy: good old 15min Conquer caught it though
  4. OVVO


    All this is illustrating is some open positions that haven't been stopped or closed.

    What has the rest of the account done from the time of the longest open position? The 140 entry on gbp/jpy suggests an entry date of 1/7/09 (giving the benefit of the doubt that you caught the top of the latest run-up, otherwise you have had this position from 12/8/08).

    That's great that you have a 20% open p/l on your account, but you are not telling the entire story with this snapshot. I do not intend to come across as inflammatory or too skeptical, just there are a lot of missing variables in this equation.

    Some details that would be helpful in assessing the relevance of these gains would be, leverage of each position relative to account size, drawdown from entry, and time and date of entries.

  5. Yes, the thread starter could be running the other side of the ledger in another account. It could be a demo account. No size is listed, and I believe that Oanda allows for positions as small as one unit.
  6. Stops are always tight so losing trades so they do not stay as open positions for very long. This is why they do not appear in my current positions (they are none). They get stopped out.

    Risk reward is either at least 2:1 one one type of entry (however not limited to 2:1 and is often greater than) and 6:1 on the other entry type.

    It does not bother me if you are skeptical, as if it is a big deal to make consistent profits in the market or something. I do not wish to share my account balances with the public, this I am sure you can understand and respect.

    The above trades are on the 4 Hour time frame and this is the 15 Minute:

    jordan: and eur/jpy entering now as we speak
    diana: I like this. Things are so much calmer now.
    jordan: my 15M trades -


    jordan: usd/jpy close too but I have enough :)
    jordan: maybe if I can get my breath back
    diana: I see you didn't take them all. :smile:
    jkapf: very useful to see your open trades... I entered same trades pretty close...
    diana: I agree. Good check for tp and sl.
    jordan: all in back now (which is nice and welcomed always :))


    jordan: watching usd/jpy now for short drop in too on 15M
    diana: so much green on my account :)
    amahesh: enjoy the green. It's a good feeling. Enjoy it

    That's it for me, enjoy the day all!
  7. OVVO


    That's great and it's not a big deal to make consistent profits in the market, however, on a 2:1 risk reward your profitable trades would have to be > 25% to break even and > 8.3% on a 6:1 risk reward.

    What you have replied does nothing to remedy the missing information to assess the validity of this individual's trading strategy. How do we know they weren't stopped out of the last 50 trades?

    You do not have to post your statements, I completely empathize with that, as I am not comfortable with it either, however, a trade blotter or some other historical reference is vital in establishing that.
  8. Yes you do come across as both inflammatory and too skeptical.

    God bless you friend.

    Peace & grace
  9. Actually, this all just pretty much looks like spam.

    Why are you posting chat logs, and why did you make the title of your thread JCL forex?
  10. You are all a friendly bunch :)

    The chat gives context to the trades and the title of the thread is JCL Forex because that is what this is...

    You are all full of love and goodness I see!
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