JCG: Might be worth a spec

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by slickman, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. slickman


    J Crew just priced tonight. The talk was 15-17 and it priced at 20 (good for them). I would advise any and all speculative type stock shoppers to see if you can't get some at 21.5 or better tomorrow at the open. I think 24 could be possible before settling back down at 22 or so by the end of the day. I would be shocked beyond belief if this thing doesn't come out and do extremely well considering the success (and my memory is somewhat fuzzy on this) of Aeropostale when it came out. J Crew has as great a name brand awareness, I'd argue, as Gap or American Eagle or Abercrombie or Ralph. Forget fundamentals for a little while here. It deserves to be worth more than 376million dollars anyway. The underwriters (Goldman, Bear) are going to soak up the overallotment but that's not too much of anything.