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  1. people talk about prop trading firms like fnys, trillium, optiver.

    but honestly, jc has been nothing but the best. quite simply they are the best running operation in the states. top notch service, top notch people and i couldnt be happier.
  2. You must be the "J.C." in J.C. Trading. :p :(

  3. JC Trading is just gloried retail account where 100% of the losses are on the trader. A bucket shop with shills online is how they survive

    FYNS is a legit prop firm. Firm puts up the capital for you. You need to be hired to trade there. As long as you have the internet, are not a felon and $5k JC Trading will take you on. Big difference.

    Optiver is mainly a stat Arg shop more than anything else. night and day difference

    Again I never get why anyone get excited about JC

    -average commissions
    -no overnights
    -average platforms
    -1 yr lock up
    -no back office programming help
    -no training
    -average pay out
    -the whole Tuco/ocean view black eye


    They are just another bucket shop that adds no true value to a trader. Case and point - look at the Tuco issues (JC was tied to Tuco) and they had everyone's PnL posted. 90% losers

    Look at FNYS - several traders go on SAC, make top trader list with 7 figure PnL

    guys Can we can please end the JC Trading shills. its been on over done for years here.

    PS add for edit

    "great customer service" how hard is to set up sterling trader for you? what service do they provide? give you online pnl statements? they answer the phone when you call? they return emails to you?

    again you paying for their service in terms of commissions, platform fees, set up cost, bank wire fees. and again a bucket shop doesnt have alot of service to offer. Wake up and ask for your 5k back.

    O wait you will need to wait 12 more months
  4. cactus trader is right. all jc or the rest do is rent you some capital were they'd make zero interest rate anyway and take a 100% markup min on commissions. i believe they get 6-1 margin for the cboe. so if you give them 10k for 200k buying power they have to put up a total of 33k(they get 6-1 buying power). so net net they but up about 23k of there own money to get an avg of at least .002 a share overide. so you do 1 mil amonth vol they're making at least 2k amonth in overides.its a nice gig
  5. again JC trading is nothing special. they arent even the BD, they are some odd ball middle man with ocean view capital. you have like 3 pass through JC- OVC - Clearing firm = hello over priced

    plus with JC they just pump up their name with schills. just search on the board, any JC thread is full nothing but schills
  6. If you're putting up capital, it's not a prop firm - plain and simple.
  7. If you're putting up capital, it's not a prop firm - plain and simple
  8. the truth is most firms are the middleman in the prop business. Most traders do not deal with the clearing firm directly unless they are a b/d. good or bad that's just the way it is. its a matter of finding a firm that meets your needs & you feel comfortable doing business with . the retail brokers are no different. most people are out to put their hand in your pocket for the most part .. buyer beware ..

  9. jc is related to tuco in what way
  10. the word " prop " is just the term for leverage. most traders are not referring to true proprietary firms when they say prop. only a few proprietary firms for equities around these days ..
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