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  1. Anyone have any comments on recent interactions with this firm?
    How easy is it to set up, withdraw money, stability of Sterling platform, remote trading, customer service?
    Can u trade at both JC and say another firm such as Bright?
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    i have same question.
  3. ?.....the "two" of you have the same I.P. address? :confused: :(
  4. JC is not even a firm or broker-dealer, I believe they operate out of a house in Michigan. I passed as I am not a fan of their affiliates.
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    same ip? :confused: that is strange
  6. lol they are caught shilling JC. To funny when 2 posters with under 10 posts hit the same thread right after another
  7. The posts are a year apart.
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    Unless he has mod status, he does not know what ip addys the posters used. He/she's just being bitchy.
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    there must be somthing wrong,i posted from china,may be he is from china too. post time between us is 1 year long.

    though this is not important.:)
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    It amazes me how some people try to discredit the few honest firms left in the prop trading world. I have traded at JC for years and I can tell you they are one of the best firms out there. First, all JC traders trade through a CBSX BD, and second, they do not operate out of a house!

    I have reported the poster that claims that the 2 posts came from the same IP to the Admin. 1, it is impossible for him to know that and 2, the posts are a year apart!

    This is a post I posted over a year ago:

    2-23-10 10:16 PM
    Ha...this is funny. I trade with JC Trading (remote), but have been to their office a couple years ago when I was in the Detroit area (yea, that was a fun trip!) Try this Yahoo link, it shows where their office is. Its in an office complex in Bloomfield Hills. Don't think there are any barns in Bloomfield Hills as its one of the wealthiest cities in Michigan and one of the top in the country. I was blown away by some of the houses in the area.

    Also, when you go to Google and put in the address and do the view you are talking about , it says

    "7326 Inkster Rd, West Bloomfield Township, MI, United States
    Address is approximate"

    You can also Google :"6441 inkster road" 48301 and see there are other businesses in the complex with different Suite numbers.

    http://maps.yahoo.com/index.php?ard...2C MI 48301


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