JC Trading Vancouver Meet and Greet Saturday, May 16th

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  1. T3-Jeff

    T3-Jeff T3 Trading Group

    JC Trading Group is having a meet and greet for Active Traders on Saturday, May 16th, in Vancouver, BC. Please join us at 5PM for drinks and appetizers. Email jeff@jctradinggroup.com for more details.
  2. jakeUP



    Are you registered to do business in Canada?
  3. T3-Jeff

    T3-Jeff T3 Trading Group

    We are structured as a proprietary trading group. Our traders trade our account and are not retail accounts. All of our traders are members of an exchange. We have many Canadian traders. Please feel free to attend.
  4. res


    I am currently with Mirus Futures enjoying 500 per car trading futures, paying ok in commissions, which is good enough for me

    What can you offer me so that I trade with you guys,

    PS: I day trade YM and ES
  5. jakeUP


    Are you sure that's legal?

    Aren't you soliciting brokerage business in canada.
  6. T3-Jeff

    T3-Jeff T3 Trading Group

    We do not currently trade futures.

  7. T3-Jeff

    T3-Jeff T3 Trading Group

    We will be meeting Saturday at 5pm at:

    900 West Georgia Street
    Vancouver, British Columbia

    We look forward to meeting everyone who responded.
  8. Wasn't jc trading under tuco when all the shit hit the fan? Then they opened there llc in nevis? Is this correct jeff?