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    Thinking about opening an account with JC Trading group; was informed that I do not need a series 7 seeing that JC is a division of Ocean View who is a member of CBSX; just finger print card.

    JC has been more than helpful with my questions; not trying to spam; just looking for any outside info from others with their experience with the firm.

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    I am part of a group that trades with JC Trading. They are a class act. Always available to take a call or respond to an IM. The group has been with them for 2 years and we get paid the first week of the month every time.

    All traders recently had to fill out fingerprint cards and a U4 since the traders now trade on the CBSX, although no Series 7 is required.

  3. Wow!!! I thought that they (JCTrading) went out of business after the SEC crackdown on prop firms, after the mess with TUCO. They were one of the few prop firms located in my state...Michigan. Its good to hear that they managed to survive.
  4. JC guys solid!
  5. Definitely one of the best firms around. Very honest guys. I have traded with them for almost two years and have never had any issues.

    I have used Laser and Sterling through them, and might try Lightspeed now.
  6. they look expensive though
  7. They give a VERY fair rate for the level of service they provide to their traders.
  8. I run a black box through JC Trading. Great firm to work with. Extremely honest management. Can't say enough good things about them.
  9. I met chris and jeff recently, and although i dont trade there, the response from myself and everyone there was very positive.

    Someone can correct if im wrong, but ocean view is just reformed tuco. JC and OV are not the same owners.
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    JC has lightspeed now.....?i dont see it on the site.....
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