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  1. I read somewhere on elite that JC trading is associated with Tuco. Is this true? This is the reason why I backed away from them. I could be wrong.
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  2. hmmmm at first i was interested in CY Group, then I was told about this firm....and to tell you the truth, the reviews sounds good!

    Will have to talk to a recruiter to see what i can get! :)
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  3. money isn't the question, comeon man
    any trader that made fat profits would have accts with centerpoint or interactive brokers.

    which means they dont have pay a percentage to some prop shop.
    on daily basis i'm surrounded with traders who make more then 10k a day
    and i cant picture them trading through a prop shop and give away 15-20%.
    anyone looking to join a prop shop its only because money is the question, and i'm not ashamed to say that i'm one of them.

    i was slaving for years working in corp finance and quitting every year just to seat at home and learn how to improve my trading skills.
    after all those years i managed to get enough experience to go on my own which is why few months ago i quit for good, i applied for Uber and trading in the day time and then driving for a while just to cover monthly expenses and also to feel less pressure to produce profits. which is one of the main reason i wouldn't mind joining a prop shop, if they can give me a $100k buying power, then damn it i take it but it will be only for temp basis.
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