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    First, I would like to thank everyone for their interest in JC Trading Group. We are a private trading group that primarily trades equities on the Laser and Sterling platforms.

    We have been in business as a trading group for two years. Initially, our website was under "T1 Trading", but all our traders have ALWAYS traded through the JC Trading LLC. This got confusing for perspective traders so we dropped the T1 Trading.

    There has been a lot of posts to this thread since we asked some of our traders that were ET members to post about their honest experience with trading with us.

    We encourage anyone that is interested in trading with us to either call at 1.866.901.3223, or email at info@jctradinggroup.com.

    Thank You,

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  2. Thanks for clarifying things for all of us, was a good gesture. I am sure some people will still have questions .
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  3. Hi Jefftrader:
    Can you state these, I assume these should not be confidential but in fact might help booster your company profile on ET:

    1) Do you have lock-up period where you hold the deposit money for certain period of time after trader leave?

    2) 100% payout to traders.

    3) No "maintanence fee" where some firm charge 2% of the balance...not all firms but some do.

    I understand some questions are on case-by-case basis but questions above should universally apply to ALL JC account holders.

    Thanks for taking time to respond.
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  4. T3-Jeff

    T3-Jeff T3 Trading Group


    Universal for all accounts: We do NOT have a lock up period. Also, we do NOT have any maintenance fee.

    Everything else is on a case by case basis. Please don't hesitate to call or email.


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  5. jc trading, with all these good reviews on your firm, all within 2 days, it makes anyone skeptical .. happens all to often on et. stating the obvious, too many shills on here. if someone does not like it.. too bad. this only brings negative attention to your firm with some of these knuckleheads.
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  6. I think it's safe to say you're one of the worst members on ET.

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  7. timcar


    Good job scorpion in reminding everyone about 1st time posters making comments about how GREAT a certain firm is.

    How about these first time posters providing more detail about their trading style. Instead they jump on ET and make a ONE sentence statement. If its a great firm tell us WHY!!

    As far as JC Trading Group goes, lets hope they will continue to do a great job of providing service to ALL current and future traders. They will get more clients and make more money by continuing to be a fantastic Prop firm.

    WE will be checking back on this thread in 3 months to see if JC. Group has been an honest and quality firm.
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  8. hey drumbandit.. since your opened your big mouth, its nieve assholes like you that i take money from everyday in the market, that don't have a clue.. dumb as a stump.. you could not find your ass with both hands, get fucked.
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  9. TIMCAR.. agree, some posers can't stand the truth, as always the case, too busy talking shit with no knowledge whatsoever. they can't deal with the truth, bunch of immature boys.. you know who you are..nothing positive to add but their idiotic comments as the mentally challenged often do.. no wonder many good traders have left..et has turned into one big circus..
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  10. JIM.. calling some of these firms would be a good idea, get to know what their about, doing the q/a on here, will only delay your efforts, your just wasting your time..calling is the way to do business, for most people.
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