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    I have been trading with JC for almost a year now. My experience with them so far is actually very good. They have a lot of knowledge about the markets, are very experienced traders themselves. If you are a nice guy they even pass on interesting stock opportunities If you have any questions concerning the market or the psychological aspect behind trading they are always willing to make a conversation. You can easily work out a deal for yourself, one that suites both parties. No complaints about payments whatsoever, very trustworthy people. I say wright them an email and see for yourself.

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  2. do they offer free lunch to their office traders as well. too funny..
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  3. What was the name of the company before?
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  4. does it matter, really, if they change names like you change shoes, then good luck with your money being safe with any firm if that is the case? too many cheerleaders saying how great it is, do yourself a favor and move on, something is not right..
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  5. This is your first ever post on ET. Congrats!!!
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  6. This is your first ever post on ET too...like "marcello" congrats to you too!!!
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    man scorpion your a moron, ive been with JC for a few months and had no problem withdrawing 58k last month, they are great and your a dick. I dont know why you have such a vendetta against them, or is it that you have an LLC of your own that no one is willing to go to and your trying to scare people.
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  8. if you dont want to believe good reviews, then don't, I am just a tader who is passing on my experience with the firm I am with. I don't realy care if you believe me or not, I was only trying to help out the original thread starter because I know how difficult it is to find a good firm.

    There probably arent many bad things to say about this firm because they are relatively new, however that doesnt mean they are bad. If you hear good reviews about a new car, do you automatically dismiss it as being bad and too good to be true, good luck with you cynical views.
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  9. I have been with JC for a few months now and they have been a pleasure to work with. I trade remote and have the best deal I've ever heard of. I receive my cash request the following day or two. They are completely professional and I would totally recommend them. I have traded for several years (since 2000) and have gone through a few companies...these guys are the best so far.
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  10. HEY LIPPY, learn to read, stop jerking off, your going blind.. i did not say anything against jc, actually said they may be a good co. i am making comments about assholes like yourslelf that come on here saying how great the firm is thats all, does not matter what firm anyone is talking about. who you you fooling .. biz must be slow .. why they let ingnorant assholes like yourself trade with them is the problem.. go back to begging for money on the street..who really cares.. jc trading is the best prop firm available, happy now, you lowlife..
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