JBSS flat liner???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by axeman, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Sometimes sellers really confuse me.

    Take a look at JBSS on 11/24, yesterday.

    Looks like someone wanted OUT at $34.00 no matter what,
    all day long, and the seller just sat there forever,
    offering out at 34.0 and never moving until he was done.

    My question is... if there is demand, as in this case, since the
    price didn't run away from the big seller, ( because of a big buyer? Or lots of buyers?),
    why doesn't the seller at least slowly step up and
    get a better price?

    Seems determined as hell to sell at 34.0, even if it's obvious
    that he could have gotten a better price.

    Whats up? JBSS is up about 3 points today sheeeshh.... someone got screwed.




    With a stock like that you have to get out on strength.

    Just by looking at the chart, someone could have accumulated a large position anywhere from 6 to 15 dollars. With that kind of return, "giving away" three extra points in exchange for unloading a few hundred thousand shares is well worth it.

    Never traded it, just a guess.
  3. Yes. That yesterday chart looks really cool. I've seen this in a stock in the past, do not remember which it was.
  4. T-REX


    This stock is in play.

    nice breakout from its 33.77 resistance base on yesterday.
    Should breakout to around 42.00 per share!
    If old 40.30 resistance holds ......then short it!!!
    Short from above 37.00 is best.
    Repeated closes below 32.95 and this stock is doomed.