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  1. Get in now. We have found our pivot.
  2. I asked u why u thought so on your multi-bagger thread.

    I can't understand the jump with crude oil being up 70 cents today, market being down, and yet this stock is up.

    Only logical explanation i can find is the CEO was replaced.
  3. There are lots of fundamental reasons. For example, the people who trade the airlines know more about oil then the people who trade oil. If they thought oil was going back up, then why are they buying the airlines.

    We can sit here all day talking about the fundamentals.

    The most important aspect is the trend.


    The $XAL has bottomed. It wont go any lower. Last year, oil was over $70 per barrel with news reports of it getting to over $100. Oil is lower this year and many people believe it will tank down further. the XAL bottomed at 48.66 and what do we see on the chart. Why its the "hammer"...

    If the $XAL has turned then you look at the smaller airlines like JBLU.

    Now the CEO is replaced and oil is going lower. This is the Radioshack of the airlines. Now is the time to get in.
  4. Buyout rumor!