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Discussion in 'Options' started by IV_Trader, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. JBL is reporting on 9/26 ( OCT expiration). Last qtr JBL issued a pre-warning couple of weeks before scheduled date and stock tanked 27%.
    Today was a huge activity on SEP 25 and 27.5 puts ; I guess people betting on repeat of last qtr scenario.
  2. if i recall well u bot those puts before report last qt and told us they didnt even budge the followin' day at open.
  3. lemme check if i can find the thread... it wasnt that one on the link.

  4. looked everywhere and cannot find it....anyways good luck with your bets; the sob may well go down another 10% or more.
  5. jj90


    Just curious IV, how are you managing decay prior to report? Gamma scalping perhaps?
  6. yes .
  7. have you took an ATM stradle or calandar spread on JBL if you dont mind me asking ?
  8. Looks like neither a calendar or straddle to me but I have been fooled before by words written in black and white so don't take my word for it.
  9. lol. Bitstream got this thread of topic (again) , it is NOT about MY position. All what I said that SOME people obviously betting on repeat of pre-warning , hence , the heavy otm SEP puts activity.
    Personally , I am holding OCT straddles/strangles into possible vols ramp and pre-warning is very welcome by me.
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