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    I would like to start a journal on elite Trader, in this forum . But the results and discussion will
    be generated from a automated trading "system" . Is this the correct forum . The journal's content will be as others here. Scalp strategy's, days trading results etc. A journal to keep track of systems trading results. And the logic behind the days trading activity

    However it is 100 % automated . To include trade selection, execution and trade management.
    As well as risk and money management. Other possible forums , seem to be for educational or information . Directed to users who may developing a "system" . My project is complete and currently connected to an API for Data end execution. The trade logic and strategy are ran in a IDE. With a very simple GUI to run coded strategy.

    And generating a daily trade report. With a 5 min delay and sim account for testing.

    Any suggestion on which forum to participate in with this project ?