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    spy at 124.63
  2. it is my thought that this is the shift from bear to bull..intra day.. for es futures traders my 50 cents = 5 points.. stop

    nice selling in oil good prob. this will bolster stocks once again
  3. im taking a little off the table here
  4. keep buying.. oil si getting kkille din teh face of this hurricane.. keep buying sp on teh dips until the last half hour
    i gotta run .have a great weekend. my stops are in .. again i have a sell stop at 124.25
  5. Just like yesterday, I bought the ES @ 15:43 EST, set a target 1 tick in front of previous swing high.

    I would have held longer, but I was away from PC while this was working, so got out @ 1255.50, closed on the day with 4.25 ES points cummulative, which is above my 3 point daily target.

    I should just hold it till 16:15EST.....hehe.

    Boy do I need to stop trading the morning session :)
  6. Damn, there was another 3 points on the table......Oh well. :)
  7. my levels was vey good once again.. i wish i could sy it was alwasy like this

    I hoep everyone got a piece of the run
  8. well i picked the turn around point a little early.. but my levels were great.. the market ralliedf rom that point on I made a little but nothing to write home about today
  9. recommendation pre market.. sell any and all rallies unless fed action or other news lifts market..

    tbonds are rallying huge.. lots of moeny shifting to flight for safety..bonds buy dips

    Gold will now rally due to safe haven ..so buy dips..

    eventually money will flow back into stocks.. it is going to take a ton of extremely scared investors who run for the exits .. this is when you buy.. If you see EXTREME and I mean extreme volume for the day on new lows then ..just mayb ethen I might buy in a small qty for a quick short cover rally, but for today please try and trade the short side.

    Crude also might sell off.. people realizing economy crappy very worried.,. then they drive less..


    also.. be very very careful at the close... i would guess they sell it hard on the close
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