Jay's Proposal for President

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    "New Kind of President"
    "If we save our money, we can afford our dreams"

    -I believe in limited government. I think we the people must run our own lives and not have government do that for us.

    -Health care? How about healthy living so you don't get sick. I will be promoting a healthy diet, closing down main fast food chains like McDonalds, and will open up healthy organic type places. Organic is just as good as regular food but healthier. However, if you still get sick or need health insurance, you can apply directly through the health care companies. I will keep taxes low so you can use the extra money to pay for a $199 a month health plan that'll be good till you're 60.

    -Education. I will make sure we get rid of the classes that are not needed in middle school and high school and add ones that are like money management savings classes. I'll also build financial education centers across the United States that teach money management and how to invest in the stock market so we make sure that we retain the knowledge from high school and use money management in our every day lives. I will also add a voucher system for college and make sure college's are affordable and competitive. We must make sure we lower the rate of children playing video games/tv and put them to their studies. That's the number one reason why we are not #1 in the world for education.

    -Foreign affairs. Diplomacy is what I firmly believe. We must engage in on going negotiations with our "enemies" and see if we can change their mind or work together. If they don't want to work with us, we'll nuke em.

    -The Economy. Coming a job on wall street as a trader, I know what it means to make money through free market capitalism. I will mandate schools to teach children good saving and money management skills so when they grow up they won't overspend like the government has now and we won't be in recession/depression like we are now. I'll also keep taxes low and make sure we rebuild the American brand of cars, machines, etc. We need other countries to start putting their money into us again and trading. We need innovation and I will invest over 300 million dollars into U.S infrastructure to rebuild the American way we once lived. I will also fight wasteful spending. I will not let one single bill get passed that involves money being wasted. I will make sure the United States has the best programs and the best technology so we can compete and still remain number one in our global economy. I also believe in free trade. We need to invest 100 million into new technology and jobs and reward someone who comes up with the next best idea so we can start to get back the jobs that were once lost by computers. I would also be a supporter of having people learn how to start their own home based businesses off the computer so they can make some extra money doing something like ebay.

    -Abortion. Pro life. If a child is given the precious stone of life, they need to experience it. I will only bend on abortions that involve rape, that's sometimes not the woman's choice and she shouldn't morally have to raise a child that half doesn't even belong to her.

    -Supreme Court Nominees. Half liberal, half conservative to balance out what is a very unbalanced supreme court right now as we know it.

    -National Security. I will keep this nation safe. I will invest 500 million into our Homeland security program and keep the nation on the offense. We will make sure that we add over 5 million police to the streets to lower our crime rates and we will not fight wars that are unecessary, we need U.N approval. We will understand the threat of radical Islam and make sure Americans know that we will win this war on extremism(even though it's a 1,000 year+ in the making war) We will win it with me at hand.

    -Charm. I will bring a sense of charm that no one since Reagan or even Clinton brought to the White House. We need a morale boost and not angry politics. If I address the state of the union, I will address it with calm, sure, readiness that I haven't seen one other candidate show so far.

    So, a Vote for Me is a vote for the rebuilding of our American ingenuity something we've given up to the Chinese a long time ago. I will start putting our country on a path that we haven't been on for over 20 years since the Reagan days. We will also become the best saving nation in the world. My Administration will be a transparent one. We will inform the public of all of what we do and there will be No secrets like this present administration.

    You may ask what party I'm running as? The Me party. No really. I have no political affiliation. I was born to a liberal mother, became republican throughout my years in college, and recently left that party to pursue what I feel no party offers and that is the inspiration to rebuild America in the right direction. I may not be a mainstream name yet, but believe me, I can get the job done. Give it a try. Write me in come Nov. 4th.

    Thank you,