Jay's Double Nickel Room on Paltalk

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  1. ....lol,,what the heck are you talking about. You have your facts wrong! The system cost $500. I was given a opprotunity to show the system, on this thread, please point out on what page this occurred? I agree Jay is a nice guy, would you purchase anything from a-hole? I am motivated by hate, when did I ever say I hated Jay?

    T-Crumb, before yo post maybe you should write out what you think in penicl/paper first and then type it into your pc, it might help you be alot more objective,,,lol

    TCrumb, why dont you tell the thread, what is your relationship to Jay, since you say he is such a nice guy? Intresting defense of a man if you have never met him or do not have a relationship with him....hmmm
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  2. wally1950


    First of all Mates you do not need accounts in any of the forums if you just read through them, prior to waiting on your Yanks market to open. Until read this topic had no desire to correspond with any topic in not only Elite Trader nor any of other forums I surf through.

    Secondly this is a no win situation apparently with some of you here. If you show support for a Mate who has done right by you for over two years and speak up, then you just get hacked to pieces. No bloody sense sticking my neck out for you to keep chopping it off.
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  3. I agree with Wally, Brownsfan, Trader273 and other level headed traders in here . . . ET is headed in the crapper.

    By reading some the posts in here, one can truly see why 95% of all traders fail. One can see why the SAT scores and literacy rates are heading in the same direction as a screaming Bear Market too.
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