Jay's Double Nickel Room on Paltalk

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  1. virgin


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  2. SarahG


    brownsfan019 answered for trader273 as if it were his own post. It looks like brownsfan019 just blew his own cover and he is also trader273. That is why he thinks everybody else is has multiple nicknames like he does. what a loser this brownsfan019 is. First he makes fun of children and now he makes fun of woman. He is a true first class piece of crap.
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  3. DblArrow


    Religious perhaps - but NOT a biblical quote.
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    IS THIS TRUE {BROWNSFAN/TRADER273} ? very suspicious .


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  5. D-Mgn

    Sometimes in the written word the sarcasm does not come out either. Sorry for any confusion
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  6. T-273

    Thanks for understand the point I was trying to convey
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  7. D-Mgn

    I am not giving Jay a hard time, all I am trying to convey is that the calls that he makes in the room are fictious to only hook you into buying the course for $500.

    Once you buy the course you quickly realize that the trades he had been calling in the room were subjective and all the p/l is not remotely repeatable.

    While in the room for free Jay pump's his course and say's that you will understand more about the entery/exits of the systems if you purchase the Wooden Nickel Method.

    My only point is Buyer Be Really Aware.
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  8. I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to brownsfan019
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  9. Well my darling Sarah, as much as fun as this thread has been, it's time to leave this garbage for the trash guys to pick up.

    I can assure you that I have no other aliases on this board or any other board for that matter. I simply do not have the time to be logged back in and out to simply post on this thread.

    My point is clear - the website in question is designed very poorly. It *looks* like a child made it. That's how bad it is. If this guy was a professional, he would know that having a decent looking site is just step 1 in running an online biz.

    Now, please, go back to the kitchen and make us men something to eat. And when you are done, you can give me a nice massage as my feet need a good rub.

    And for the record, I NEVER made fun of children. Your simple mind apparently does not read very well and you have twisted something that was never said. If you disagree, please show me where I said that I hate children. And I love women. Just the ones that know their place and keep their pie holes shut. :D

    Note: Since you and margin will not comprehend the sarcasm there, I must now point out that this post was done in jest. But, since I am dealing with a very simple minded broad here, I have to explain that there is humor laid out in this post. If you cannot see that, I am sorry.

    Also, I must now place you on ignore. So I will not be responding to your pathetic cries of attention for a real man, another will have to step up and fill that role. Good day trading!
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  10. You are a fraud and liar. You started this thread against a nice guy for no reason. You are motivated by hate and dragging others down to your level. That is why you started this thread.

    You were given an opportunity to show us the system, which you refused to do. You were offered other systems selling upwards of 2K for exchange of your $150.00 system that you purchased. You refused the offere.

    You refused to do the trade because you don't have a system to trade. You are a fraud and liar.
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