Jay's Double Nickel Room on Paltalk

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  1. B-Fan

    Makes you wonder does Wally = Jay , and Wally coming to to Jays defence. If global futures thought Wally/Jay was so good why wouldnt they fund him or do everything under there power to at least still clear thru global, but Jay now clears at infinity?...hmmm

    A alot of holes in Wally's defense of Jay
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  2. virgin


    You don't need half a brain to understand this wally=Jay , first time poster that acts like he is Jay's attorney :D
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  3. SarahG


    Global futures has a chat room? Where?
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  4. Sarah,

    They use to have a chat room for the great Jay Booth Wooden Nickel trading system, but he was making to much money and left to go trade at Infinity Brokerage.

    Just last week he asked the room if there was anybody in the room that could give a testimonial for him to Infinity Brokerage.

    But doesn't Infinity see his daily p/l, what do they need todo with a testimonial. Just cut and paste the account stmt on to the website daily and take off the personal details.

    You learn so much after being scamed
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  5. That makes no sense what you said. Traders don't leave brokers to go with another because they make too much money with that broker. Global futures and Infinity brokerage are both brokers that offer the same services.

    You don't need to show profit and loss statements to trade with a broker. You just sign on the dotted line, make a deposit and start trading. And you certainly don't need testimonials. That is absurd what you are saying.

    If you are unhappy with your subscription you paid him for, then ask him for a refund.
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  6. He meant a testimonial either for his 5th grader's attempt at a website, or for the broker's website. Kind of like,

    "I made xxx dollars trading with jay, he is the best!"

    But what vanquish is saying is that if he is really making all this money, there is no need for a client testimonial, just put up the actual statement. Well since he isn't making any money, or perhaps doesn't even trade himself, that is not an option.

    So it has nothing to do with opening an account at a broker and trading through that broker, it has to do with advertising his service. So what vanquish said made perfect, despite what you may think.
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  7. I don't know why you are giving a guy a hard time that is only charging $150.00 a month on paltalk when Kingfish charges $5,000.00 for his paltalk chat room. And kingfish had to move out of the country because he is dishonest.
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  8. SarahG


    Hey trader 273, what the hell is your problem? Why are you picking on a 5th grader? A child? You say the kid attempted to make the website. You know, you are really a piece of crap. Any person that makes fun of children is a piece of crap. And you proved to this whole forum that you are a piece of crap because you are making fun of a 5th grade child.

    Now get a life you loser.

    And his website does not look unprofessional. It looks very nice. It gets the point across and says what it has to say on one page. It's not cluttered up with alot of maze full of hundreds of different pages where you have to spend hours just to find what you are looking for like some of these websites that people wasted thousands of dollars paying somebody to make for them.

    His website is nice. Now get a life and hopefully somebody will make fun of your 5th grade child the way you are making fun of other peoples children who make websites for the daddy's.

    you are a disgusting human being for making fun of children.
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  9. You just never know with an anonymous message board. I am wary of 'coincidences' though...

    Same can be said of this SarahG as well. 'She' and 'Daytrademargin' seem to have very similar strong opinions and present their arguments in a purely attacking mode. No real basis or arguments are provided, just 'shut up you loser before I tell my mommy' type stuff... :D

    If Margin and Sarah do not know each other, I strongly recommend the meet up in the chit chat area or chat room... They sound like a match made in heaven!
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  10. Easy there girlie! No one said that the site was ACTUALLY designed by a child. I simply said it LOOKED like a child made it. The point being (b/c obviously you missed it) was that the site looks very pathetic and cheezy. THAT'S IT SISTER.

    Someone really needs to go taking a relaxing bath and watch Golden Girls. Maybe eat a little ice cream as well. :D Or you can just log in under another username, such as margin, and chime in again.
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