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  1. Margin - if the site costs $1-$10/mo to operate and looks cheesy as all hell, that SHOULD be a red flag. That SHOULD say to you... wow, this guy can't even afford a real website.

    As my post said, having a nicely designed website does not guarantee success. Please see above.

    And I suggest you re-read your post:
    And then you go on to say:
    So, which is it - don't judge a site by how it looks or do judge a site by how it looks? You contradicted yourself there...

    I have to wonder why you are so adamant that the worse a website looks the better the trader behind it is... Interesting. I suppose I better find new money managers for my retirement funds b/c the guys I use now have REALLY, REALLY nice websites. Those bastards. Anyone know of a website that looks like sh*t and willing to manage my retirement money? B/c apparently if you actually have the funds to just pay a professional to do it is a BAD sign.
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  2. That is not a red flag. Just because somebody has a bad looking website does not mean they can't afford a better one. It might look bad to you, but to somebody else it might look good. I personally don't think his website is bad looking. I think he did a nice job on it. It looks good to me.

    It gets the point across without being cluttered with alot of unneeded material like alot of other traders websites.

    There are alot of traders that have their children make their websites so they can learn and give their kids confidence at the same time. And most traders are smart enough to figure out that you don't need to pay somebody to make a website that you can make yourself and look just as good. His website looks good. You shouldn't make fun of peoples websites because maybe a young child made it and are hurting that childs feelings. That's not nice of you.

    So I think you are a very mean person for making fun of somebody's website. That just shows what kind of person you are.

    And his website looks very nice. Only an idiot would waste money and pay somebody to make a website when he can make himself.

    P.S. I'm not sticking up for the guy, I'm just sticking up for his website. I don't know him and I never been in his paltalk room.
    I do know there are trading rooms on paltalk that charge up to $7,000.00 a month. It's a good thing to stay away from paltal altogether. There are no good trading rooms on there.
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  3. Give it to me. I have other systems if you want to trade for it.

    ... I'm wondering why some traders live in trailers and are broker and others live in multi million dollar homes. Just doesn't make sense. :(
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  4. wally1950


    Saw this in topic menu and must comment. I have been trading with Jay for over 2 years now, since before he was calling trades for Global Brokerage. Jay used to trade in the same room at Global as I did and let me tell you; Global was so impressed with his system, they hired him to take over the trading room using this same system. He left Global as they were pushing for him to move to their California headquarters and because he was caring for his terminally ill mother in his home, this was not an option.

    He then opened a room on Paltalk at the request of fellow traders from Global who wanted to stay with him. vanquish if you had been around in those days, you would know the room was totally free. Jay was getting more and more pressure to sell his model. Because the training required to know the in and outs of his model was time consuming, he found that he, himself was trading less and asked if we would mind paying a fee.

    vanquish, did you stay with the room for the 6 weeks free time they offer? I know Jay recommends that trained members take full advantage a free time to become familiar with his style of trading before going off on their own.

    I do know he makes No promises on expectations of the daily profits; in fact the only thing he says about expected daily profits is that he hopes to give every member the opportunity to make a $250.00 target each day if the market conditions are favorable. Hence name of his room Jay’s Double Nickel ES School 250 Target

    His model does make anywhere from 5-30 handles per day, but he is first to tell all members that they are NOT going to get a fill on every order.

    “Jay will tell you that he has traders that are trading his system on 100 lots, scalping for 3 tics.”

    Not totally correct again vanquish. He does say that he has traders who trade in 100 lots, as I have told him to use myself as an example, I trade a 100 lots at a time. He then explains to room, some traders only like to scalp and some like to wait out for the completed model trade.

    “One guy was in the room last week and asked if Jay really got those fills and off course the prospect got booted, for asking hard questions..”

    Jay very rarely bans hecklers, in fact he generally lets them sit and see his style of trading. Only bans he makes if they are saying vulgar things about other room members or they constantly take the microphone saying derogatory garbage distracting those wishing to trade.

    “He once mentioned that he has trained alot of people and turned them into sucessfull traders, his goal is to have 20 people paying $149 a month and then the room would go private.”

    Again not the complete truth, Jay said his goal is to have 20 people paying $149 a month and then he would not sell his model any more or do training, but would be able to just devote his time to just 20 members.

    “He doesnt even have a professional website”….” Also, the email addresses are yahoo and gmail. Once again, not very professional.”

    Jay has never made any claims to be a professional broker; he is just an ordinary day trader like all of you, who worked over 10 years to prefect a system that works well. Further more if anyone really knew him, they would know that he spends countless hours with members in the room during and after trading hours or weekends if they express that they are having difficulties with the system.

    “After purchasing the course I got his real address and googled it and he lives in a trailer park.”

    Real address is provided before you purchased course, when you send Jay email asking for additional information about membership, I am assuming you were sent same packet as rest of us. His address is included on the documentation plain for any to see whether they take membership or not. As far as having to Google to find out he lives a trailer, he tells people openly he lives in a trailer, as he wanted to be on a lake.

    “In all his emails he has quotes from the bible and I thought he would be a straight shooter.”

    Now this is an out right lie!!! None of Jay’s emails ever contain any biblical quotes nor anything remotely religious.

    “… I googled him, looked on ET, mypiviots.com and trader's laboratory and there were no complaints. probably all the suckers before me were to ashamed to post, that they have been scammed.”

    Or has any one here thought maybe there are no complaints because short of this thread there haven’t been any??

    Plus if as much effort was put into truly learning Jay’s system as has been put into bad mouthing him, the possibilities of this someone seeing a profitable day would bode better.

    Me personally thinks you can’t please everyone and some people you can’t ever please. Plus little suspicious here as many of these misquotes I am reading are same ones made over and over by a room owner who is a competitor of Jay’s. Kingfish, who is constantly coming into the room scoping out whom of his former members are in Jay’s room and making same comments I am now reading.

    My recommendation to all of you is remember there are two sides to every matter and if vanquish is unhappy with his ability to use Jay’s system that is fine, but you should know not everyone feels the same.
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  5. SarahG


    Is a tic a handle?
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  6. DayMargin,

    Send me a pm so we can talk.
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  7. Intresting to see that you have just become a new member of Elite Trader and your first post is in defence of Jay......hmmm

    Here is the quote from his wife on his emails, reads bibical to me..

    Dove - Marsha

    May the Creator be with you thru your life's journeys and spread along
    your paths sunshine, love, laughter and joy.

    Again with all these post this is just one mans opinion
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  8. Margin - A cheesy ass website is a red flag, regardless of your thoughts here. If you could run a real business on a $1/mo host, then everyone would do that.

    Why do serious businesses not run on a template service that costs $1/mo?

    And if you are SERIOUS and PROFESSIONAL about your business you do not have your kids make your website, come on. Where's your common sense here? Very poor arguments.

    You truly have no business acumen whatsoever and your posts state that ever so eloquently:

    Only an idiot would waste time making a website that looks like a 5 yr child made it when he could pay a pro to do it. That is of course assuming you have the funds to do so.

    I think you should visit a Business 101 class there margin. You really have no idea how a business should be operated. This has NOTHING to do with trading, this is in regards to a business that happens to deal with trading. Any business website that looks as pathetic as this should be cause for concern.

    And you ignored my question from the other post - you first said that the design of a site is irrelevant in terms of being good or bad and then you later said that the worse a site looks (like this one here) the better it is.

    That is completely contradictory.
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  9. Exactly.

    I think it's so funny that new members just happen to be checking out the forum and stumble across something they know a lot about.
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  10. B-Fan

    Makes you wonder does Wally = Jay , and Wally coming to to Jays defence. If global futures thought Wally/Jay was so good why wouldnt they fund him or do everything under there power to at least still clear thru global, but Jay now clears at infinity?...hmmm

    A alot of holes in Wally's defense of Jay
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