Jay's Double Nickel Room on Paltalk

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by vanquish, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. virgin


    Can you not charge back your 500$ ?
    #11     Apr 17, 2007
  2. Virgin,

    Unsure if I can, but will look into it.
    #12     Apr 17, 2007
  3. Wow.. that is an impressive site for $1 - $10 per month.

    Let the lesson be learned, when the site looks like it took about 4 minutes to create, at least factor that into your due diligence. A great looking site does not guarantee success, but just look at this thing...
    #13     Apr 17, 2007
  4. virgin


    With what method did you pay ?
    #14     Apr 17, 2007

  5. Virgin

    I paid with Paypal
    #15     Apr 17, 2007
  6. B-Fan

    You are proably right, but maybe next time, I will ask for account stmts. But I really dont think that will happen either. In all his emails he has quotes from the bible and I thought he would be a straight shooter.
    #16     Apr 17, 2007
  7. LOL. Is it a double wide trailer at least?

    Hey, if you paid for the system, then maybe you can send it my way, so I don't have to pay for it. Is it in .pdf format? What exactly is the system? Let us all know the big secret that he makes everybody pay for.
    #17     Apr 17, 2007
  8. Anybody that quotes the bible is an automatic FRAUD. Don't trust anybody who quotes the bible. Con artists always use God to try and manipulate, deceive and convince naive innocent people into believing in them.
    #18     Apr 17, 2007
  9. Don't go through paypal, go through your credit card. Call the 800 number (on your card) or go to the site, and dispute the charge. You'll be much better off dealing with those at your credit card company rather than those at paypal.
    #19     Apr 17, 2007
  10. There is no lesson to be learned here about what a website looks like. The website has nothing do with weather a company is legit or not. There are many fraud company's that make beautiful and professional websites just to deceive the naive public such as yourself who base a company's reputation on what their website looks like. I know many legit company's that have homemade websites that they made themselves or their children made just to have one up. A website has nothing do with the legitimacy of the company.

    Lots of professional traders don't even have websites because they are not necessary and not needed.

    People should not judge a persons trading and training ability by what his website looks like or what company he publises it at.
    That is just stupid to think that because a trainer has a bad looking homemade website, that he can't train. Dumb thinking. It is the opposite. The better looking the website, the worse a trader and trainer they are.
    #20     Apr 17, 2007