Jay's Double Nickel Room on Paltalk

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  1. I bot the system its a total scam..beware
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    he sounded like a gentlemen but I couldn't understand what he was doing.
  3. Should it be called Wooden Nickel? :D Sorry I couldn't help, lack of sleep makes me punchy. :)
  4. Jay Booth

    Is one slick guy. As soon as you enter the room he ackwodleges you and posts the trades, you sit there in amazement. All the trade calls he makes,he says are from the model. But try and get the same fills or even a third of the daily totals of the model. The model makes anywhere from 5-30 handles a day..

    Anyways I got suckered just trying to save someone else from parting with 500 bucks

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    Does he make real-time calls in his room and are they profitable ?

  6. Virgin,

    O boy does he make real time calls, 100% hypothetical, you never know if he is long or short. He will email you a chart everynight with all the models entries/exits, 100% bogus in real time. Jay will tell you that he has traders that are trading his system on 100 lots, scalping for 3 tics. He takes fills on the offer or bid, price never has to trade thru for the model to get filled, in real life usually as a trader you need price to trade thru to get a fill.

    One guy was in the room last week and asked if Jay really got those fills and off course the prospect got booted, for asking hard questions..

    Go to his room and see for your self, Again if he was really making 20 handles a day, why would he have a room.
  7. virgin


    Sounds like a real scam artist

    I suppose the room is free to enter ?
    How many people on average in the room ?
    What is his website ?
  8. Virgin,

    The room is free to enter and there is a free two week, trial you get to listen to Jay make fictious trades over the mic.

    He once mentioned that he has trained alot of people and turned them into sucessfull traders, his goal is to have 20 people paying $149 a month and then the room would go private. Now that I think about it that,it doesnt even make any sense.If people were making 20 handles a day like his model does, wouldnt you just stick around to pay the guy for giving you a profitable method and pay the $149 a month. The fact is that nobody is making money with the method and he is a Snake Oil Peddlar.

    Here is his website:

  9. tiptopwebsite.com??? He doesnt even have a professional website and you expect this guy to make you money? Now, Im not saying that all nice websites that offer training can make you money, but at least it shows some sort of professionalism. Also, the email addresses are yahoo and gmail. Once again, not very professional. The more I look at this site the more obvious this is a sham. Guys like this prey on newbies. Its almost sad, but a person should do there own due diligence before "investing" in one of these "Schools".
  10. T-273

    Well what can I say but you are correct, I googled him, looked on ET, mypiviots.com and trader's laboratory and there were no complaints. probably all the suckers before me were to ashamed to post, that they have been scammed.

    Just trying to savethe next guy from parting with his $500 bucks.

    After purchasing the course I got his real address and googled it and he lives in a trailer park.
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