Jay Yu, Is he for real?

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  1. Ok, I'm looking at the underground trader site at his intraday calls.

    1. How do I know these calls aren't posted seconds after the move has been made.

    2. Is he as consistent as he looks on paper.

    3. Any input, good or bad, would be helpful. I am interested in joining his service if his calls can be validated.

    I do my own research/screening daily, but I'm interested in additional info. if it will add to or confirm my conclusions. Thanks.

  2. This is the best reply I have seen on Jea Yu to describe his service written by Daniel M. I sat next to someone who got the service and this is pretty much it. Do a search on here and look at past responses.

    "those are unattainable bullshit logs, all made in hindsight.

    he makes a call... if it goes his way, you'll get something like..."pare out some shares here"....goes his way some more..."you should be paring out some more shares here"....3 hours later, if it's still going his way you'll hear again, "pare out some more shares here "(how many does he think people bought?)...
    in the log you'll see pretty much the best price that happened after his call.

    of course you get the customary rounds of congratulations from his moron followers..."great call jay".. "you da man jay"...."i made .60 on that one (yeah right), thanks jay"...

    if his call goes against him, it pretty much doesn't get discussed....he rarely, rarely, rarely admits he was wrong and says to get out...nope he'll just hold on and on....and if it finally looks like there's no way it's coming back, you'll hear some crap like, "well, obviously you would've taken the loss at $xx.xx"... lol.
    i can't believe the idiots in his chatroom don't take him up on this...
    oh, and, let's say the stock was -.70 for the next hour after his call, and it somehow comes back, you'll here a long i-told-you-so kind of commentary, complete with explanations (rationalisations) on why it was a good idea to sit through that (and make your 20cents, lol)

    and, of course, the loss gets booked in the log in extremely favorable (and completely unlikely, for anyone relying on Yu's calls) terms..."


    Also, beware of shills in the audience who "get up and deliver" a testimonial to the billions they have made since joining the service.

  4. nitro


    I get asked [PM'ed] if I am the "nitro" on Jay Yu's room all the time.

    You mean there is another of me somewhere? God save us.

    nitro :eek:
  5. Yeah,

    There was a Nitro in that room a few years ago.

    As for Jea's room, just sign up for a free 2 week trial and see what happens. You don't have to pay so you got nothing to lose. The good part is you'll only get 1 or 2 emails from him, not 2000 like that bald stinking oxnoxious pump'n dumper.

    disclaimer: I AM NOT A MEMBER

    G's up H's down

  6. if 2003 keeps going the way it's going, there's gonna be alot more chat room gurus very soon...(and more books about methods that don't work and 3+ chapters all about ISP connections) :D
  7. Agreed... chatrooms make most of their money when trading conditions are / are perceived to be easy... they win brand loyalty from their customers who do well out of them during the easy conditions, but quickly lose their customers when their calls start to crap out i.e. when trading conditions become tougher... it is at this point that the customers of chatrooms begin to understand the notion of alpha i.e. trading success due to skill versus trading success due to simply being around during great market conditions, and confusing that with being in the chatroom... the customers who get to understand this alpha concept will not return to the various chat rooms... its a cyclical thing... at the beginning of a new cycle in easy trading conditions, chat rooms need new blood, cos their former customers (who finally got to understand alpha) are not going to come back... we can expect a whole new bunch of chatrooms to be established if we truly are at the beginning of a bull market, since it is relatively easy money (200 traders in a room at $300 a month is $60k/month for the owner)... I can just see the CNBC advertisements and the trading magazines being packed full of advertisements if things continue as they are...

    It has always been my view that chatrooms should only be used by newbies (for their first 3 months or so) who cannot find a mentor to sit beside...

    I don't rate Jay Yu very highly... there are only a couple of chatrooms that I do rate for newbies
    1) realitytrader.com run by threei, who used to be a major contributor to siliconinvestor.com before ET became the trading forum of choice
    2) tradingfrommainstreet.com, run by Brandon, who I often chat to via yahoo messenger, during quieter periods of the day...

    Both of these people are members of ET...
  8. Yeah,

    Brandon's got a pretty decent site.

    Not going to pump his service here but give it a trail and you can decide for yourself.

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    Our seasoned DAX-trader is looking for a chatroom. ROFLBMAO!
  10. Several years ago, I foolishly paid 6 months of subscriber fees to UndergroundTrader.com.

    I can attest that Downtickboy's post is 100% accurate. My experience was exactly as he described.

    There are exceeding few "trade call" sites that will help a newbie to be profitable. Those that will, you won't hear of on ET.

    I know of exactly one site that has actually works, and they seem to have no membership problems. In fact, they absolutely shun publicity and specifically ask members NOT to mention them in any public forum.
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