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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by SawDr, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. SawDr


    Been in this guy jay wireman's room for 2 weeks on a trial. Heard he was a scammer but his you tube vids looked good. After the trial I know for sure he is scammer - only shows wins and glosses over all losing trades. He changed the setup a bunch of times over two weeks - oh well, at least it only cost me time. He wants to charge $500 per month - total joke. Advice is stay away from his stuff.
  2. jdella


    Sorry you feel that way, but you're wrong about him, I've been with him for 3 weeks now and there are more than 50 core traders in there who make money everyday. He trades live trades with you, so don't know how you can say that he only shows winning trades, we see and trade them as they are happening and they are winners, not sure if you just have a beef, but maybe you really didn't give it a fair shake. Why not try it for a month and see. Sure they're are losing trades, but they are small losses. Anyway that's my 2 cents.
  3. jdella = jay wireman (interesting he only has 1 post)
  4. DWV


    HAHA - nice job 1 post. This wireman guy might be the biggest scammer going
  5. I learned everything I forgot from this guy.

    Does his web site even work properly? Not for me.

    Guess i'll have to find another source of easy $.
  6. AK100


    Some people are SO stupid.

    The person supporting him with their first post pretty much proves everything that the OP said.

  7. LOL!!! Great line.

    Perhaps wireguy is little alex in a *new* system. More snake oil...
  8. bidie


    I have to disagree that he is a scammer- after one day in the room I can tell you that there are many knowledgable traders from all over the world. More than 50 when I was there this week.

    Plus they discuss the set-ups and where to enter with reasons and people tell you who to follow.

    The more experienced guys seem to be the ones to follow of course-
    This is when Jay is sleeping through the night and they trade the EC which mirrors the eurusd.

    In the day he talks to the participants but I didn't have time to listen so I can't report on that-

    In the day they trade the S&P 500 mainly.

    -I am on a trial at the moment-
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    scammers coming out of the woodwork everywhere.
    Registed 2002, 4 posts to his name and tells us "I'm on trial atm" "Been in the room 1 day" hehehe.

    Coming out of the woodwork from no-where to post after 7 years in support of a scammer.


    only on Eeeee Teeee :p
  10. ljmlmvlhk

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    Every post bidie has made since 2002, he's pumping a web address.

    Yep, beware.
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