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    After my last java update, 1 6 0 11 (I think), one of the trading platforms I use started behaving a little bit differently and the windows have to their side a little yellow triangle with an exclamation point in them.
    I use ib tws and another platform. The things I mentioned above happen in the second broker's platform, not in tws.

    Anybody familiar with this stuff?
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    Yep. The new build froze my computer earlier today. Don't download the new update 11!
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    when Java updates to a newer version, it does not erase the old version.

    with TWS, all you have to do is edit the ini file to point to the older version.
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    Java has become one of the biggest obstacles, I even tried downloading the latest version but let me tell you the only thing that worked was my new platform, is amazing how it performs a really fast execution. It has saved me a few times.
  5. Listen up ! I'm with a broker that uses Java exclusively for their platform and I've been asking if I can use Java 1.6 for over 6 months now....and the answer is always: "NO, IT STILL HAS BUGS".
    HAAALLLOO: Did you notice that the latest and greatest is release 11 !! 11 releases and it's still not "right".
    Something's wrong with Sun.....see their 10 year stock price history for an explanation of their poor performance.
  6. Java is horrible for trading. I refuse to use it.

    In theory it's great but in practice it locks, lags, dies, etc. and those are all things that are not welcome in the trading environment.
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    I got rid of java update #11 and my stuff is back to normal. Seems that was the problem.
  8. Java sometimes damages my computer. I think it consumes most of my RAM, and I just don't know why, could it something related to a virus or something? Once working with my MT4 the pc just froze over, I brought a pc expert guy and he told me that the java program is failing to get rid of it, however to run some of my trading programs I need java, i don't know what to do.
  9. See prior posts on the technical aspects of running Java. There are a TON of special command-line switches that could make a huge difference in your "java experience". Yours has been horrible...natch. Best to keep changing to a prior release if the "latest and greatest" causes problems.
  10. It's obvious that community-based and open-source software has serious implications for reliability.
    Listen-up....I'm no great fan of Microsoft, but at least they listen and eventually fix their software.
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