Java without java VM?

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    I was reporting a problem with the trouble-ticket system at IB and was told to upgrade my version of Java.

    I don't see the java VM (javaw.exe) running in my process list, don't see any applet related to it in the java cache, and looking at the source of the pages, it all seems to be HTML and javascript. Yet, they insist it is Java-based.

    I'm I nuts, or are they wrong? How can one be running a Java app without any sign of it in the process table or java cache?
  2. if you are running the standalone ib you should have javaw.exe in your process list.
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    I'm talking about the web-based account management system's trouble-ticket system, not TWS.
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    I hate doing this, but... "bump".

    How can one be running a Java app without any sign of it in the process table or java cache?
  5. Does a new java also update your java vm?
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    Most often the Java web-based use this version of Java. To download the latest version, click the Download Now link. After installation is completed it will automatically set your Internet Explorer Options to Use JRE 1.5.0_06 for (applet).

    Later if you don't want the IE use the Java you do the following from the IE to deactivate:

    - Tools -> Internet Options...
    - Advanced
    - Scroll down until Java (Sun)
    - Uncheck the box Use JRE 1.5.0_06 for (applet) (requires restart)
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    They have so many Java, confusing. Whatever if it's about Java for the web (JRE), the answer is yes. JRE is the one I mentioned in the previous post. The following from SUN:

    The following software will be installed on your computer:

    1. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which includes the Java Plug-in software and the Java Virtual Machine components needed to run Java technology based applets in a web browser.
    2. Java Web Start software which simplifies launching and running web-based programs that use Java technology based software.

    For a non web-based Java, I guess the answer is yes as well. Normally we don't care about Java Virtual Machine. Not at all. What we care is we have two commands to be executed.
    - javac // To compile program
    - java // To execute the program

    The reason for the Java Virtual Machine is that you don't need to recompile the source code once more again when changing machine. You just run java. While C++ you have to recompile the software since it didn't have VM for matching the binary code that was previously compiled to the new hardware.

    Java is more portable but it's a trade-off between portability and speed. I prefer C++ concept, a programmer need to be more diligent and responsible for every action he does especially with memory management.

  9. You are right, IB is wrong. Choose "View page source" and look at the HTML, there is no Java applet in the trouble ticket web page.

    The only way you would NOT see Java in your process list with Java running would be if you never installed the Sun Java VM. You would then see the old Microsoft VM which I believe was called "jview".
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    Thanks for the taking the time to home in on my exact issue :) They are apparently confused. FWIW, I don't see any other j*.exe processes, and IE clearly should run the Sun JVM if it's installed anyway (which it does for any other java applet). Not really my field, but I looked closer at the source of the pages to confirm that it is, indeed, just using HTML and some local javascript, with no APPLET tags in sight, against an apparently PHP-based back-end.
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