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    I've had Buffer Zone running here for a couple days:

    It is a tad intrusive in small ways, I'm going to set up only the trading computer with it, not the surfing one. I got on the experts-exchange forums and learned a bit about security. I wanted to white list some folders regarding access by programs.. and learned that can't really be done with Windows, windoz security is all about what user can access what files, not what programs... I hated everybody that ever suggested Linux to me in the past but now I'm learning C so I can use NinjaTrader, might as well keep on with it and write a whole trading environment in C to run on Linux... I really just need the part that reads data and manages the trades, no reason to write a backtester, charting, etc.

    Some of the available trading software is written badly and requires Admin privileges to even run, I'm abandoning such software as being hard to secure and lame...
  2. that may be true for some of the build in windows functionality but with some after market programs windows can be one of the safest environments around. Simply because M$N is the target of most malware.

    And it does not need to be a heavy intrusion on your system resources.

    Allowing to start other programs is handled by a good firewall, not by the crippled XP SP2 firewall. That one is only good for inbound traffic but does not monitor the outbound traffic.

    Since I travel a lot I have both Sandboxie and a VMware installation (in case my laptop goes walkabouts I have a total trading environment under VMware on a 8 Gb USB memory key).

    You may want to take a look at some of the programs mentioned in post #4 on this link:

    Although it is still in beta NeovaGuard is one that is worthwhile to explore. (the beta does not worry me: imho most security software is in beta: it often needs replacing when the next piece of malware comes along ..... )

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    Thanks for the 411. The trustware seems to have crashed my computer so i'm not recommending them currently.