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  1. I am curious as to people's opinions about building a realtime Automated Trading System (ATS) plus Backtester in Java. I have historically felt (rightly or wrongly) that Java is a resource (memory) hog and applications built in Java are slow.

    I am not an IT this is just my layman's opinion.

    Could the experts expound on this issue. Is a JAVA ATS OK for a mission -critical real-time ATS app or is Visual Studio/C#/C++ a better development language for such mission critical applications.

    Many thanks.
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    If you are building the ATS from scratch then you could easily take any code-latency into consideration when you back-test it. On that way you can see which trades you are missing/ entering when compared to normal code-latency.

    My opinion.... build the ATS in the language you are sharpest at, if you are writing your methods correct it shouldn't make a big difference between Java, C++ or C#.
    Common awareness of a restrained usage of generics, delegates etc. should certainly be used in all languages.
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  4. Can you share some more details on your position.

    Thank you.
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    Java is used all over the place for mission-critical systems and has been for a number of years.

    I'll give you one relevant example:

    Lime Brokerage, who execute up 3-5% of US equity market volume and average 750 million shares a day (2008), use Java-based infrastructure for HFT.

    Worrying about which language to choose is largely time wasted.
  6. Thank you byteme!
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    If what's critical in your mission critical app is a lot of processing and calculation of data, c++ is the way to go hands down. I can see where some HFT routines could be implemented where seconds count and you would want to use c++. c++ can be on a order of 2-30 times faster for some calcs, such as sorts and transforms.

    Keep in mind that many backtesting and ATS programs can be a java frontend and all the guts are in another language like python or c++.
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    Kind of funny to keep reading these occasionally.

    This goes to both CPtrader and you! ->

    I can guarantee you both that it will not be the language that creates the bottleneck, Java, C# or C++ , same same....

    What you really should be worrying about is the tick/ trade/ quote-rate at which your provider can deliver his feed and how many messages your trading- pc/ server/ portable can process.

    What you read about.. take for instance... StreamBase, Esper that announce events up to 500.000 per second, this is nothing compared to doing it yourself.
    I will soon post my performance measures of commercial CEP contra Homebrewed CEP.

    Feel free to inspect the comparison between c++, c# and java:

    Remember to do your homework before posting such content :p
  9. Do you know something we don't? True, Lime advertises for Java people but it's a big stretch from that to <i>Java-based infrastructure for HFT</i>. You gave their homepage as a link, but there's nothing relevant on that page.
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    Why don't you ask them yourself?

    That's what I did 4/5 years ago and that's what I was told. I'm sure there's a lot of native code involved too.

    My point was, as per the topic of the thread, in the absence of more specific non-functional requirements Java is fine for mission-critical real-time is C++ and C#.

    I'd be interested to hear what you find out from them today.
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