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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Banjo, Dec 26, 2003.

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    I'm visiting for the holidays and trying to download jtrader onto a machine with win2k. It has sun java and the guy at pats suggested the internet tools/advanced/ uncheck sun java thing. We did it and still no luck. He says there should be a box with vm, virtual machine just below but there is none. Does that mean virtual machine has been removed from this machine, if so how do I get it back, can't find a download specifically for that on ms site. tia

  2. My understanding is that JTrader needs the old, outdated and buggy Java virtual Machine by Microsoft, not the modern Java 2 plattform by Sun Microsystems.

    Microsoft originally tried to marry Java with its Windows operating system, contradicting Java's concept of platform independence. Microsoft was then legally forced to stop this practice of diluting the Java standard and consequently stopped maintaining its Java virtual machine. It then started to develop the .NET-platform with C# as programming language, where most concepts where cloned from Java.

    Unfortunately, many users still associate "Java" with Microsoft's outdated version of Java and hence have a negative image of Java. And it's amazing that some software is still based on the buggy Microsoft Java VM instead of the modern Java 2 platform.

    IB's TWS on the other hand requires the modern Java 2 platform and is an excellent example of the advantages the modern Java platform brings. The TWS is very stable and can run both under Windows and Unix (for ex. Linux).
  3. Hyperblob, your comment is insightful. If MS Java VM is dead, what will future versions of J-trader be based on? .Net?
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    Thanks for the help guys, the machine has the latest sun java on it. It's win2k sp4. Jtrader doesn't use sun's apparently. Can't seem to find any ms vm listed any where to make sure it's enabled in order to run jtrader. Will call them on Mon I guess and have them take us thru it.

    ps, if that's true about jtrader and ms vm that must be why people have had problems with jtrader losing orders etc.
  5. I am not sure of the issues surrounding your problem, but I thought I could be some help.

    I have attached a pic of what you should see in IE Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced. I am on XP with IE6 SP1, but yours should look the same or very similar.

    If you need the Microsoft VM, several sites on the net still offer it. For example:

    Note that it states "Download and Install version 5.00.3805 (full version) first before installing the upgrade(s).".

    Good luck.