java using 200 MB of memory with only tws

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  1. java using 200 MB of memory with only tws running. TWs only has 6 symbols running and no charts. Is this normal or do I have a problem with my java settings or whatever?

  2. That sounds high. Without charts should be < 50MB

    Perhaps worth checking which version of Java you are running and update it if necessary.

  3. running latest version. 1.5 06
  4. Trying to tune my TWS Java settings, its acting up when options screens are loaded.

    Anyone find a magic set of params to use?
  5. CHeck versions and reboot your might help. Java can really slow down so pay attention to it before your quots start running a minute behind the market.

    possibly try an older version of Java, and also kill the auto update process java runs in the background.....
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    A few suggestions:

    Try clearing your JRE cache, if you haven't already:

    Good idea on a regular basis, too.

    Ditto for the browser cache.

    Test your TWS with different browsers. Dedicate one browser to your Java apps (like TWS) and another - to everything else, unless you do everything else on a different computer.

    Test your JRE memory usage with another app, e.g., Oanda FXGame.
  7. Speaking of memory, is there some cache setting that one changes? I remember someone at dell's help desk told me to change a setting somewhere, can someone refresh my, er, memory? Still getting these damn slowdowns on TWS every day.
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    Sure, the cache size and compression can be user-modified. See the above link, step 3.
  9. Should be around 50 megs
  10. Is there a good setting to use on max disk space used and compression?
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