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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Banjo, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Banjo


    While dicking around with J- trader on global futures site I noticed a java test and ran it. It says my browser( ie6) (win2k) is running jdk1.0 applet and can run 1.4.2_01. The latter is loaded on my machine and shows up on the add/delete prog list. There is no mention of jdk1.0 anywhere that I can find. How do I get the browser to use 4.2 and dump 1.0. off the machine. Any help apprecciated. This kind of shit drives me nuts,lol.
  2. go into control panel and open java icon. you should be able to change it advanced tab pulldown.
  3. corvus


    Actually, it sounds like to me that it is running IE's default browser and the applet is specified with a regular <applet> tag, not an older version of Sun's browser.

    So, within IE, you need to go to the Tools->Internet Options... menu, and then go to the "advanced" tab. Roll down and look for the Java icon and the header "Java (Sun)". Make sure that the box next to "Use Java 2 v1.4.2 for <applet>" is checked, and restart IE.

    From here on out, applets specified with the <applet> tag in the HTML will use the Sun JDK and not the old IE one. Note however, that occasionally there are applets out there with IE-specific dependencies, that can only run in the old IE VM. They may or may not run as expected in the new VM (ET's chat was like this for awhile).