Java problems with IB's TWS

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by savage, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. savage


    Has anyone else experienced problems with Java when attempting to use IB. I am a new customer and have downloaded the java plug-in from SUNW the TWS requires. When I try to access TWS on the browser version or the downloaded version my system crashes. The Sun plug-in also causes other programs that I run java in, usually with no problems, to crash also. I run Windows ME and have installed the Microsoft Virtual Manager java plug-in. I remember reading something when I had originally installed it that said Microsoft VM cannot be uninstalled so I'm wondering if that could be the problem. Also, my Datek streamer won't work after I installed the Sun plug-in. Tech Support at IB hasn't been real helpful with this. I hope there is another user that has some idea what I'm talking about.

  2. stevet


    i know that when some programs use java - they seem to stop other programs being able to access java - i suspect java implementation is still in its infancy
  3. just21


    in internet explorer, go tools, internet options, advanced, turn java on and vm off apart from jit option. try that.
  4. coops


    I tried WinME for a while. Gave up in disgust...... not really all that much more stable than WIn98 with all the fixes and crap installed (just some bells and whistles). I've now dual installed Windows 2000 (get Partition magic - makes the whole process as easy and safe as possible). No comparison whatsoever. Keep your ME install so you can load it when needed to get old data etc, and move to Win2k for anything serious ie trading. Really is worth the admitted hassle and installation process. (make a new partition first and move (Sorry - COPY) your 'My Documents' stuff and anything else you know you'll need over into it - then you'll be able to access it once you've got Win2000 up.

    This is not a quick fix - sorry about that...... but it will save you hassle, crashes and headaches in the future.

  5. I had a conflict with the Java download from Sun and a browser application crashing. It sounds like you have a similar type problem and might want to try this as it is super simple. Open control panel and find the Java icon. Go to the tab with the browser settings and disable Java as the default browser setting. Doing this is not the same as changing the browser settings from within IE. This will not effect how TWS stand alone works, and I found it does not effect how TWS browser based works, but it did cure my crash problems. Good luck.
  6. stevet


    these are great replies

    can anyone help with the java point i made - that once some java based applications use java - when you try to use another java application - the new one says it cannot find java - yet the original one quite happily uses it

    if you delete the first java application, then the other program can access it, etc etc
  7. you may have a conflict b/w java and your NIC. for example, i have had compatibility issues with linksys NIC and certain java apps. i replaced with a D-Link NIC resolved the problem, no more crashes with any app now.

    if your "gut" is doing the thinking, what is your brain doing?
  8. earthman


    I updated to java 1.4.0 and begin to have identical problems.

    I wanted to get back to trading so I downloaded and reinstall the previous java version 1.3.1, which was working fine for over a year.
    No problems with that version for TWS, Datek Streamer, and other java apps coexist with Windows ME and IE

    You will loose some of the newer features with the TWS Build 760

    Haven't tried the others options mentions in the responses here.
    but believe this may be used as a quick fix until more is understood as to what is exactly causing the problem.