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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by H2O, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. H2O


    After using VB6 for a while, Microsoft comes with VB.NET
    I didn't use this until about 1 month ago, but I'm not happy with the continuous MAJOR changes in software / language so I'm thinking about switching to JAVA.

    I believe JAVA is a more ongoing process so you can use your "old" software. Not like VB, you cannot use VB6 in VB.NET

    Anyone have any recommandations for a developping platform ?
    (If possible free :D )
  2. CalTrader

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    JAVA wont insulate you from future changes - dont believe anyone pushing this as a reason for using the platform. Also, Java is going to be a question mark for Microsoft platforms going forward: some applications will be better developed ion .Net.

    That being said, if you dont need to develop specifically for Windows system features that are only accessible via a Microsoft product - very special cases - or have very high performance requirements on Windows servers, then Java is a possible choice in combination with Linux/Apache. Java however still implies some licensing fees. On the other hand, a combination like Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP or Perl is free: if you know what you are doing this has no licensing or support fees.
    It is a slower development evironment and at some point in a larger project you may need to consider development costs but for an application where you dont want to be locked into expensive future license expenditures, the free source systems are really superior. Until Microsoft offers developers and companies competitive licensing fees, free source is a smart way to go for many applications.