Java IDE: Eclipse vs. Netbeans

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Java IDE with TWS API?

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  1. Eclipse

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  2. Netbeans

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  1. Member51


    Trying to decide between Eclipse and Netbeans to use with TWS Java API.

    What are folks using out there?
  2. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    I've used Eclipse for the last several years. Works very well.
  3. lwlee


    Yeah, Eclipse. A number of add-ons help a lot. MyEclipse, subclipse.
  4. eclipse eclipse eclipse
  5. schemer


    If I had to use Java, IntelliJ would be my choice.
  6. spacewiz


    IntelliJ IDEA is a level above both of those, if you have to go with IDE free of charge - I would suggest Eclipse - has much wider adoption, and they've been very good at copying all the nicer features from IntelliJ, although they are still a couple of years behind it..
  7. Yeah, but that's what a lot of open source programs do, they provide a free version of a commercial available package.
  8. Eclipse, because of it's Marketplace : a plug-in probably exists for every dev problem you need to tackle. The Marketplace is what has elevated Eclipse to Emacs status; it's like a mini-OS now! :)
  9. spacewiz


    Comparing eclipse with emacs is like comparing a lexus with a steam - powered carriage( a pretty sophisticated one, i have to admit), of course its nice to admire antique things, but we are not in the 1970's anymore ;))

    No flame...
  10. Emacs plus the command line.

    The fancier the IDE, the less productive the programmer.
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