java/IB platform bugs

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Babak, Jun 12, 2001.

  1. Babak


    anyone else having funny things happen on the installed TWS 4? When I click or move the mouse over something a small square or rectangle stays there and changes colour. Really distracting! (example: destination menu that pops up leaves a "stain" as the mouse moves over it)Is this just java? have I installed it incorrectly? your input is appreciated.
  2. Mr_F


    Yes, been having this problem for a week. Especially bad today with bids/asks screwed up. I had it changing colors, then the grid showing up, then everything blanking out, and then a reboot. Def would appreciate your passing along these problems to the appropriate individuals.

  3. No problem here.
  4. tradeRX


    no problems whatsoever since the new upgrade. fast executions, BEST ECN works well, no crashes.
  5. def

    def Sponsor

    Mr. F./Babak,
    I'm not a technical expert but the problem may be the graphic cards on your computer. On the silicon investor thread relating to IB there is some discussion on the topic.

    If that doesn't help send details of the problem to the help desk with the subject "technical assistance needed".
  6. Babak


    thank you everyone for your input/help. I will contact IB and see what they recommend.
  7. Babak


    just wanted to close this thread by mentioning that the problem was caused by my video card's (Matrox G450 dual head) driver. *NOT* by the program!