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  1. We can offer almost unlimited capital to java/C++ developers who are able to build and operate high frequency (intraday) trading systems that are profitable under our strict risk guidelines and work on our company infrastructure (equities, some derivatives). You will have to operate from our office in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) Spain. Commissions will *not* be charged, we make money from a profit split.
  2. Can you work remotely?
  3. nope
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    He didn't say for which exchanges.

    If their data centers are over in Spain, you probably don't want to use their system for high-frequency trading for US equities/futures markets. There'll be more latency and more hops along the way to the American exchanges. You might be higher frequency than other people, but not high frequency/fast enough to make markets fast enough in certain issues.

    If their data centers aren't in Spain, then it's nuts that they aren't taking remote guys.
  5. Data centers in more continents. We have good reasons for not taking remote guys.
  6. So let me clarify this. You are offering the following:

    1. No down capital required.
    2. Loses are on the house as the risk exposure is managed by your strict in house risk management systems
    3. No salary. Any profits are split ( basically similar to a bonus system ).
    4. The system is fully developed and operated by the system developer/quant/trader.
    4. The system is owned by the house
    5. Need to work at the premises in sunny Spain.

    Well, this sounds like working for a start up investment bank with a twist. An easy way in into the trading world for a techie aspiring into quantitative/trading positions!


    Otherwise, I can not make sense of your business proposition.
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    you might be heading in the right direction here joop...
  8. you know i like you rob haha
  9. you are correct.
  10. for clarification: this is for *in*experienced people as well as for experienced.
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