java/C++ developers

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  1. We can offer almost unlimited capital to java/C++ developers who are able to build and operate high frequency (intraday) trading systems that are profitable under our strict risk guidelines and work on our company infrastructure. You will have to operate from our office in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) Spain. Commissions will *not* be charged, we make money from a profit split.
  2. Open an office in toronto and I might be interested.
  3. Please tell us more about your stict risk guidelines and what you expect to be a resonable profit split.
  4. Sure. There is a daily stoploss, starting very small and growing depending on profitability. Also, the manager has to be informed about the black/grey box´s inner workings to reasonable extent. The trader/develevoper him/herself has nothing at risk, except his/her time.

    Profit split starts at 35% and will grow depending again on profitability.

    I hope that answers your questions.