java bug or virus ?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by SethArb, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. I have been using a MAC non windows PC
    for internet browsing and even for
    trading ...

    last week one night I noticed my mouse or
    java was acting strange
    on my screen elsewhere as if my mouse was
    under its own control ... I was able to press down
    hard and force my computer to restart
    that seemed to fix my problem for now
    but I am nervous ... about what happened

    hard to explain what is going on ... this happened
    also months ago ... restarting my MAC then
    also stopped the problem

    I am told that apple computers traditionally do not have these problems assoc with PC 's ( virus , worms , software bugs etc )

    my brokers software is based on java platform
    and I am afraid if this were to continue to be a problem I would not be able to trade with them
    if I could figure out what causes this occasional
    "glitch" or how to prevent it from happening
    I am curious if other MAC / java users ever have these issues
  2. This doesn't sound like any of the mac malware that has recently been reported. While macs are much less likely to be infected with viruses/trojans/worms, any software can have bugs.

    My other thought is are you using a laptop? I have seen some moisture or dirt get on the trackpad and cause erratic mouse behavior.

  3. opw


    I am using OS x on a Powerbook G4 and have no problems like that.

    You could open \applications\utilities\activity monitor and look at the processes, see if there is one that is eating cpu time...

    Also to be in control of all traffic from your Mac you could install a little utility called Little Snitch (

    This way you can be sure only programs you allow are connecting via the internet.