Jasper v1.0 [Mid-Late October]

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by aphexcoil, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. I have been programming like crazy to get this thing to where I want it.

    Unfortunately, many order entry systems are not easy to use. Others are boring and hard to understand. My attempt is twofold. First, to blow out of the water every other order-entry system like bracket-trader and autotrader (maybe it is just an ego thing, but the end result is that *you* benefit).

    So, this thread is for a discussion concerning the perfect order-entry system. An order entry system should be fast, efficient, easy to use and give good responsive feedback to the user. This might include cool graphics, sounds, music, joystick control -- whatever the trader wants.

    This is my attempt with Jasper -- to give the trader the perfect order entry system. Jasper is currently geared towards futures traders, but can be adapted to stocks. The initial version will be geared towards ES and NQ.

    Please use this thread to offer suggestions and observe the evolution and birth of the best order-entry management system on Earth.

    Jasper is being born!

    Give me your suggestions!!!!!!
  2. Ps: My PM box is often full on ET so please try to e-mail me at tron@mailzone.com with any questions or comments. Thank you!
  3. Hi Aphe,

    i think the ultimate order entry system would allow you to program a specific entry and exit condition for a single market, give it a name and it's own dedicated button.

    The interface would allow me to have as many of these buttons displayed at any one time for the market or markets Im trading. which would be executable off one mouse click or a dedicated hot key. Also it would allow me to color code the buttons for easier visual identification.

    For example, if Im using the same trading system for the eminis just with shortened stops on the ES, I would not have to waste time selecting which market, just click on the button 1 (which I would have dedicated as "buy market with trailing 5 point stop ES"

    Button 2 could be "sell market trailing 5 point stop ES"

    Button 3 could be "buy market 7 point railing stop ES"

    Button 4 could be "sell market 7 point trailing stop ES"

    Button 4 could be "close now at market ES"

    This would allow you to adjust your stop lengths and trading strategy instantly, when the market suddenly increased in volatility, without having to worry about typing anything in at that point.

    Also, I would design it so if I'm already 'in' a position for that market, I cannot accidently re-enter that position twice by accident when clicking twice. It would simply ignore the second signal.

    The interface would allow me to also do the same for the NQ and have them both displayed at once side buy side. Maybe even with a place to display the market code next to the batch of buttons for trading that market.

    Also it should have a large figure that displays the total long or short position for that market, so when you're scaling in and out you always know instantly your total open position.

    Im sure I will have plenty of other suggestions, but there is a start.

  4. Runningbear ,

    Sounds simple enough. I can make a screen come up with the ability to create new buttons and assign rules to them. Thanks for the suggestion. I see what you mean.
  5. lmao i hope you do it aph

    p.s. i like the "p/l thermostat"...hehe mine's gonna be at 900° F $$$$hehee