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  1. There are known issues with the program, but you may experiment using it with IB's Demo program. It will work with the live version as well, although I CANNOT be held responsible for any losses incurred due to irregular program operation.

    If you are using it to trade live and it crashes, you could always go back to IB's TWS system (Ewwww...).

    It works with eSignal AND IB's datafeed, although only ES data is available through the IB feed (for now).

    Please address all concerns here and make suggestions on how I can improve the program.

    There is no manual, so you will have to experiment somewhat.

    1) Download Jasper at http://www.subzonex.com/jasper.zip
    2) Install Jasper
    3) Load Jasper -- it may complain about no eSignal datafeed. If it does, ignore it and click OK.
    4) There are two status lights up top. Click the IB light when you have their DEMO system open. TWS will ask if you want to accept the incoming connection -- click YES.
    5) Go to Preferences on the menu and select "IB" for the datafeed. This will show in my program what IB makes available on TWS.
    6) Experiment with placing super-fast limit and stop orders by clicking on the red and green squares. Green squares above bid are placed as stops. Green squares below ask are placed as limits. Experiment with it. Observe TWS as you place orders with Jasper. Get a feel for it.
    7) To quickly pull a limit or stop order, just right-click on a square with contracts in que.

    Address all concerns here. The program is locked to the December contracts for now.
  2. Why do I think that this is where he gets even......

    Could the program be nothing more than a virus that when you unzip it, erases your hard drive and then puts a .jpg on your screen of Alphie sticking his tongue out at us ....... I wonder.
  3. Ditch


    Don't expect it to be better than his trading:p
  4. I'm not begging anyone to try it out -- it is just an alternative to using TWS's system for e-mini trading.
  5. Aphie -

    I tried it out yesterday afternoon. Nicely done, but for market orders nothing is easier than just hitting a red or blue T on tws. I don't use limits on futures so I can't report back to you if it's easier or not.

    During the quiet times I open a few buy and sell lines under each future and have them ready to go, same as with stocks.
  6. Thanks Aphie, I'll look at it today.

    Although, I don't expect much. After all, you're the only person in the whole world, and especially on ET who has ever lost money during the first month of trading. Everyone else was able to quit their job, buy a new house, fund the 401K, and take a month-long vacation in southern France.

  7. You forgot the new Mercedes CLK, the french models and new Yacht, too.
  8. LOL! :D :D :D
  9. aphie,

    Haven't used it but it looks good.
  10. Glad to see it is installing correctly on people's machines. MSFT can be a real pain in the a$$ trying to get their installer package to work flawlessly.
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