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  1. I hear some of the Jasper traders are having difficulty transferrring to another sub - to the new sub that Steve set up after Jasper owner, David Glass, got busted for insider trading.
    The CEO at Assent is on the fence about letting traders move over because of the insider trading scandal that involves Sam Childs (Branch Mgr at 30 Broad office), and David Glass.

    Any Jasper traders having this issue? They are probably going to lose some traders if they don't let them transfer.
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    My understanding of SEC enforcement actions are that if these illegal trades were done thru the prop/retail account(s) they could be frozen pending an audit of the funds and trades. If it was just the blackmail issue, it shouldn't be a problem.
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    It should not be a problem to switch to another LLC within Assent
    If anyone is interested or having problems email or private message me.
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