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  1. Well said!

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  2. save this list so in 5 years when one of these guys open another llc you can check the names

    the re run of sopranos had pump and dump trading on last night
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  3. Good idea!

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  4. the thing is the small guys will go to jail and the big guys who made 400 mil will get 50 mil fine and cnbc will make it a breaking news report

    one thing to watch is Unusually High Volume on yahoo options on a thursday

    xmsr had 20,000 calls go off before the announcement on monday

    txu or whatever it was had huge call volume go off before monday

    the qqqqs had the most put options ever on thurs before the tues 911 attacks

    might be a good indicator that somebody knows what they shouldn't and its legal for us to trade it if its on yhoo
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  5. It's funny how a few people on this forum adamantly defended Jasper Capital and David Glass. It's all clear now. I've heard existing Jasper traders are being moved to another sub within Assent. Try to make money legally. Good luck to Jasper traders who are caught in this ugly mess.
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  6. stbruce


    What happens to the traders who were trading under sub llc's for Jasper? I assume they are affected by this as well?
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  7. I had no idea trade remote and to me this is sick. I got paid all the time and trade my ass off and to find this out sucks. You guys put posts up to warn us and i feel stupid right now.
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  8. (Not taking adavantage of bad situation, just reminding everyone)

    We have a new location in Great Neck, if there is any interest from licensed traders, PM me.

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  9. Its unfortunate but most guys trading at a place like Jasper would not be compatible for Bright. I think Bright has a solid record but it’s too hard to compete with 2k to 5k down with full payouts and dirt low commissions. I would tell you to change your structure but it would not be financial responsible for Bright.
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  10. You can work hard and be a champ or you can cheat and end up with some silver bracelets to match your Tiffany cufflinks.

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