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    I would have to agree with this as well.... I know Steve for 3 years and Dave for about 4. Good guys, period. They don't stiff pay-checks and they definitely do not train traders. That's not what they do there, so if you require training look elsewhere. At least 100 traders, and by now, they could easily have another 100 remotely.

    I also found it interesting that Steve had a different answer for this"same question" each time he was asked it, but you never mention the question.... you weren't asking him about the weather by chance???
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  2. my god jasper is going to take assent down the tubes
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  3. how the hell is assent responsible for these crooks
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  4. i just heard the news on CNBC....i have know dave for years
    and can trully say i am shocked ....

    i defended him as good guy on this board...but after the news today i guess i was wrong

    i'll admit i was duped .....feel bad for him and his family...but that is terrible
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  5. From what I heard from people who know him well, David Glass was the real-life character behind the movie Boiler Room> I guess he never learned his lesson the first time
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  6. Doesn't make sense to me either, but my research shows that the primary reason for Generic/Carlin's problems came from one of their traders who got busted for bilking investors with some fake hedge fund. From what I understand, any registered trader who is busted has their trading firm named as well.

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  7. I was also told he was the character behind the boiler room but thought it all was bullshit. I feel bad for him but this news make me sick right now.
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  8. It's true I guess. Him and his partner thought their s**t didn't stink at Assent. I guess now I know why.
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  9. I luv it when these shady "traders" get nailed.

    I know it's a hard game for most, but there are trillions and trillions flowing around world markets.

    You don't have to be a sleaze bag to get a tiny little piece of it...

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