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  1. Jasper is legit..its a daytrade firm but on the up and up..treat their tarders well. nice guys and some good traders..they pay with no bs and thats what its all about..why the bashing..they are a good firm to trade with..also,they use anvil and hammer...
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  2. huskidog


    I've met with Steve, one of the "owners" as he claimed to be and found him evasive. He's one of a few group leaders who deal with Jasper's owner, I think David.

    If you ask him same question twice he'll give you five different answers. Also, I know couple traders trading with them in their 30 Broad St office. They are not too happy because they constantly have to remind Steve that they didn't get their paycheck, and Steve always seems to have some excuses as to why the payment is delayed. They are looking to move out of there.

    My friends told me that Jasper has about 30 - 35 traders at 30 broad st and maybe 30 remote traders. Steve told me that he's got 250 traders, which is complete bull.

    Another thing is that they don't train you so you're on your own until you blow thru your capital. When I was there about half of the floor was empty and he was in a hurry to fill them.

    Their office is in an old building and it's not clean. I don't think they use janitorial service.
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  3. I have never heard of them not paying traders. That would be news to me. What is strange this post was quiet then a post to boost them and then another to knock them. Sounds like a personal problem to me. My two cents dave and steve are good people. As far as steve and his different answers hes done this to me and i have questioned him on this in the past. Yes i can see how you think he could be evasive/shaddy but some people just need to take a second and realize who they are talking with. A group of 60-70 traders is big and may answer your question on the different answers. My head would spin if my phone rang with 60 traders calling with all different questions.
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  4. I have known Dave personally for about 10 years, steve for over 6 and i know they have over 100 traders....as a fact...it may be over 200

    in terms of not gettin paid on time...i dare anyone to prove they have not been paid by the 1st week of the following month... copy a paystub and post it on ET..i'll be SHOCKED

    if guys are not happy, then they should not be in a place where they are not happy...grass is always greener on the other side...
    let them see how other LLC's are like (not all...but the majority)

    Rates, BP, software, gettin paid,...if ur not happy, leave.
    i highly doubt other places are much better

    your right...they dont train people, if they did, they couldnt offer such low rates cause training requires work, which requires being rewarded for your work, which means higher commision

    hes like southwest airlines...no frills

    if anyone wants more info...feel free to PM me

    dont mind people bashing others, but when its a flat out lie, I'll stand up for it

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  5. Curios to why you tried to clone my id? Anyway as far as assent having no liability for a llc under their firm this is not true. A few firms have been in hot water over non legit llc's. As far as drock said i agree from what i know jasper pays and has good intentions. We all have to eat some people are good handling politics and others are good traders always do what you are good at. Now lets focus on making some coin!
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    I just heard thru the grapevine that a group of traders (about a dozen or so) with Jasper Capital in downtown NYC left yesterday. Apparently not happy with the way they were being treated by Steve in terms of rates and other deals.

    Does anyone know if this is true?
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  7. Shady characters running Jasper. Watch out!!!:D :D :D
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  8. dave is a nice guy..jasper never screwed anyone as far as i know..steve is a bit funny but not a scammer or out to rip anyone off...
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  9. dave is a nice guy..jasper never screwed anyone as far as i know..steve is a bit funny but not a scammer or out to rip anyone off...the problem is when you call them,they also trade so if they are in the middle of trading,its tough to get their attention..its really a firm for those that don't require customer service..they are good for that.
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  10. Is Jasper?
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