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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Terminus, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. I trade with jasper. I have been around over 7 years and to me they are great.
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  2. I work with Jasper ....They are super legit and always Pay on time

    you wont find one person who complains about them

    i wouldnt worry
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  3. traderp



    Do you trade remotely or out of the office?

    I'm curious as to what the office is like?

    If you could give a detailed response with as much info as possible I would greatly appreciate it?

    thanks TP
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  4. i dont trade with jasper...they are a sub group of Assent...of which i manage the Miami office.

    they have many guys the come down to miami and/or live down there and trade thru Jasper...and never have i heard a complaint....which i cant say the same of for other groups /firms
    thats how i konw they are legit

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  5. traderp


    Iwasn't aware they had other offices.

    Drock, could you fill me in on how many offices Jasper has and where?

    I am really interested in trading with them as I had a great convorsation with one of the managers, but there is such a lack of info on Jasper that ET is one of my only sources.

    I have never worked remotely before, and I just am being as careful as possible before I give any sub llc my money.

    Thanks in advance for any additional info or insight you could provide.

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  6. Terminus


    When I spoke to them I could tell they where good guys, but thanks for the post.

    I am sending my paperwork in on Monday.

    Thanks Everyone and Goodluck?
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  7. JWin12


    do they have a web address?
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  8. what type rates are people being offered threw jasper?anyone getting sub .002?
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  9. bouncy


    anyone with jasper - if you're willing to say, what's your commission rate? and how much volume do you do monthly?

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  10. I called the number on Craig's list for a prop firm opening in Chicago. The guy said they were Jasper trading using Merrill software, of course clearing thru Merrill.

    Coming in from NY partnering to open office at CBOE.

    80% pay out
    No desk fee
    20 BP
    1 or 2x overnight
    No options or futures
    Min. 5k to open
    Only trading NYSE

    Not too interesting.
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