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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Terminus, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Terminus


    Does anyone know anything about Jasper Capital they are you using Accsent to clear there trades.
  2. FXPimp


    Been around for a long time. Highly selective and difficult to get in. But, they have some huge traders in the NYC office. I would definitely recommend them... if you have an in.

    Good luck.
  3. traderp


    That is good to hear because I just negotiated a great deal with them (for me) but I couldn't find out anything about the company.

    I am strongly considering their offer I got to trade remotely.

    But, I am being cautious and was considering a trip to NY to check out the firm and trade there for a couple of weeks.

    Any more info on the firm (positives/negatives/general info) from other traders might save me a trip.

    thanks in advance
  4. Terminus


    I am in Seattle and they offered me a good deal as well. I have been trading or brokering equites for over 15 years and they seem legit to me and Assent is owned by Sunguard Data.

    Please let know how your trip goes if you decide to check them out and best of luck to you.

    Thanks for the replies.
  5. traderp


    Yeah but, from what I understood they are a sub llc of Assent wich means that they clear with Assent but thats it.

    Meaning Assent has no liability for Jasper's actions..

    On the other hand supposedly they have 80 or so traders on Broad St. next to the NYSE, which is kinda hard to maintain (high rent location and reputation amoung wall street traders) if your not legit.

    By the way who did you talk to?

  6. captrad97


    somebody must been confused with the Jasper capital in a foreign country!!! Hard to get in? - an absolute joke! you put your risk capital, You can even conduct the firm.......what are u talking about! the guy who posted such message must be running the fraud sub LLC of Jasper- only because they are located at an old building( in a tiny darky room) in downtown yeh near by NYSE doesn't mean they have a reputation.....truth is most of "wanna be" companies who doesn't have any reputation purposely locate their firms nearby Wall street so that they can use the address and say we are an "Wall street" firm. Jasper is nothing but another "churn and burn" -a day trading chop shop!
  7. rtrading


    I love to see a first time poster bashing a reputable firm. I guess thats one of the basics of free speech...

    The truth is that Jasper has been around for at least 5 years, I have personally met the owners and know how much volume they actually do. They are definitely one of the highest volume subs, and have been around as long as any of the other big ones. Compared to most firms out there, I would give Jasper a thumbs up. If you are unsure with any firm, try to find some veteran traders in the area to tell you what their story is. From my experience, they have a good rep, so go ask around, and make an informed decision.
  8. Terminus


    I just need someone to execute my trades cheap, not steal my money and give me leverage.

    That is all I care about!!!

    I KNOW they are not a "hard group to get into"...because I found them on Craigslist.
  9. traderp


    I second what Terminus' said.

    I just want to know that a particular sub llc has good execution fees/trading platform and a good record paying its' traders on time with no hassles.
  10. bcgator


    I have been trading here since 2002 and have always been paid every month on or before the 5th. I don't care if you trade with Jasper or not, but I am happy and will never leave...especially after reading about all of the horror stories surrounding other groups/firms not paying their traders. My money is always available here and my rate is the best I've ever been offered. The platform is great, and the management is superb...although at some times I wish the risk management wasn't so tight....but that's a good thing if you are another trader who has their money invested with the firm. BTW, what is the purpose of this thread again?
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