Jasper Capital bashing is ridiculous

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  1. i understand Dave was the owner but what he did,albeit illegal,was'nt exactly the crime of the century for god's sake..quite frankly,i could care less that he did that..i was front running some insider trades...i think most people would of done that or at least thought about it..once again,you are dealing with some wall street guys;not street guys(criminal/knock around guys) that no how to cover up crimes..why Dave did'nt have someone else froma completely different firm that noby knew about make some trades is a mystery..if that were the case,the governemnt would have an extremely weak case against him as it would only rely on "he said /she said...the fact that he made the trades cooberates testimony..also,someone ratted out everyone;obviously...the guys that threatened to rat Dave out are actually guilty of a more serious crime/extortion...this whole thing makes good headlines but it really was'nt a serious crime where individual investors got hurt from some pump and dump scheme..Dave will probably get a fine..since its a Fed CASE and not state,anyone that does get any jail time will go to a minimum security prison not state,,minimum's are'nt are'nt that bad..only problem is the fed system has no parole which mean you do all your time..state time you can get paroled after serving a third...also,this does not affect Assent in any way,,it was isiolated to a few guys,nothing pervasive.
  2. in the above post i meant to say 'if i was front running trades". NOT, I was fron running trades...lets make that clear....
  3. I agree. Bad situation but i would say after this they will be squeaky clean. This is life ups and downs still have to say i always got paid and dave was just caught up in a big mess. In this business alot of people say they know information some it's total bullshit to fill their ego others well we see what happened. Iam sure their are other llc's out there that are shiting in their pants right now. The sec means business and i will say it's good for us traders just trying to make a living. I give jasper 2 thumbs up ..
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    too late, the SEC has already sent the warrent out for your arrest for front running.

    My advice, don't bend over to pick up the soap. :)