Jason Karp’s Tourbillon Capital hedge fund had a tough month

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    Jason Karp.
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    Jason Karp’s Tourbillon Capital had a tough month in February.

    The firm’s hedge fund dropped -6.7% in February, bringing its year-to-date losses to about -6%, people familiar with the numbers said. In comparison, the Dow Jones industrial average lost 4.28%, its worst month since 2016.

    As of mid-year last year, the firm’s hedge fund assets totaled $2.7 billion, per the Absolute Return Billion Dollar Club ranking.

    Tourbillon has lost money for more than two years, losing 13.8% last year and 9.2% in 2016. When reached for comment, Karp did not dispute the numbers.

    Karp has been warning of “frothy speculation” in the markets and has been preaching patience in client letters.

    In an October 2017 letter to investors during the rising bull market, Karp preached patience, saying the fund saw “a number of warning signs that point to the middle innings of frothy speculation.” Those comments echo earlier letters, which discussed the challenges of managing money in the bull market.

    Before launching Tourbillon, Karp was a portfolio manager at Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital and a co-chief investment officer at Carlson Capital.

    Other hedge funds have also struggled. Billionaire investor David Einhorn’s Greenlight fund is down 11.4% for the year, Business Insider earlier reported.
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    It’s pretty douchey to name your fund after a pointless luxury product.

    I guess he wants to remind people that he’s overpaid.
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  5. I completely agree.
    That's like naming a trading school: Formula 1 Ferrari Trading Academy o_O, :confused:
    or Babes Galore Trading Academy. or Millionaires Trading Academy.
    or Champagne Trading Academy.
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  8. So he got slaughtered in a raging bull losing 13.8% and 9.2% (2017 and 2016) then when the market finally tanked he lost 50% more than the DJIA.
    And he’s preaching “patience to his investors” LMAO!

    “Rising Star at SAC” = Great inside information and front running buyouts/FDA/Etc.

    Another overhyped clown who can’t do shit without CHEATING.
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    Tourbillion is French for 'whirlwind'
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    I’m pretty sure no one is thinking that when they hear the name of his fund.
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