Japs jerk themselves off into oblivion

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    The population of Japan is in decline, the birthrate is plummeting, and the consequences look grim. Some studies put the blame on Japanese men whose appetite for masturbation, sex toys and virtual tete-a-tetes is turning them off the real thing. The future, one might say, is in their hands

  2. That "news" coincides with a 2 & 1/2 year low in the Japanese market. Birth rates decline during bear markets. During 1989 and 1990, it was probably different.
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    Here's a quote from the article:

    "Some of the masturbation aids coming out nowadays are absolutely incredible. Guys become used to using these and there is no doubt that many men are unable to obtain the necessary satisfaction from a female vagina that they need to ejaculate."

    What kind of weird stuff is going on over there??
  4. nazz,

    You're a heck of a guy. I love all your posts. Short, concise, to the point. It has always been my goal to sum up intricacies of the market in several sentences. There is a lot of information in the markets and you are always able sum it up nicely.

    I mean this sincerely.
  5. sounds like a new technical indicator. when japanese men are masturbating excessively and the birthrate declines, it's time to short the nikkei.
  6. hmm i was also thinking, this means japanese chicks aren't getting their needs fulfilled.

    how much is a plane ticket to tokyo anyways?
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    Oh I like this guy.

    Thinking outside the box, you will go far grasshopper.
  8. Wait till you hear what Elliot was doing to Jim.
  9. I don't intend to sound crude, but....

    ...just think of the implications to a society if and when guys can get more intense sexual satisfaction from some sort of sex robot or device than from a really, really hot woman.

    It will change everything. We all know that most really attractive women in western society are extremely high maintenance.

    What's that saying? Why buy the cow if you can get free milk?

    I guess we'll soon find out if men really are mostly interest in sex, or whether they're just as interested in love and companionship as women are.

    Oh man, I feel like the biggest pussy in the world for even going down that road. I need to put some full contact sports on the telly and have a beer.

  10. same can be said for all other industrialized nations.

    The only countries where the birth rate is abnormally high are dirt poor shit holes where sex is the only affordable activity outside of working for a meaningless existence.
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