Japs in the 80's, Ayrabs in the 00's..

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    Real Estate collapsed in the late 80's-early 90's due to the changed US tax code of 1986 which removed the capital gains tax benefit of owning and selling real estate. (Capital gains were taxed on only 40% of the actual gains thus giving most r.e. investors 60% free money. Take that away and you take away the incentive.)



    Is anyone here old enough to remember the reworked tax code of '86?
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  2. Or Russians. They pretty much will have everything in UK by lets say 2012. America is next. :eek:
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    They've already got half of Brooklyn.
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  4. That is a start. What's next? What was the movie when Russian invade Kansas or something. Ahhh....good times when we hated communists. Now they are Capitalists and the only nations I can hate now is Cuba and North Korea :(
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